News | Switch version Hogwarts Legacy highlighted in trailer

Hogwarts Legacy will be available on Nintendo Switch from Tuesday, November 14. That's why a new trailer for the game has been released.

Previously, screenshots of the Switch version were released and off-screen gameplay footage was also leaked, but now an official trailer is available to watch

The Switch version has been postponed several times, but the release is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Hogwarts Legacy was released at the beginning of this year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, and a little later also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We gave the PS5 version of the game a 9.

News | 'It Takes Two is getting a Nintendo Switch version'

Rumor has it that It Takes Two is coming to Nintendo Switch.

That’s what insider Jeff Grubb says in conversation with Nintendo Shack. “It Takes Two is coming to Switch. That’s one of the games I’ve heard coming in the Direct,” he says. He also refers to the insider The Snitch. The twitterer is often right and hinted at a Nintendo Switch in his Discord server. version of the co-op game.

The upcoming Nintendo Direct is going to be a big one according to Grubb. “There has to be a lot in it. It has to be bigger than the array of things they did over the summer when they didn’t have Direct.” It is still unclear when the Nintendo Direct will take place. Nintendo has not made any official announcements yet. However, there are strong rumors that the Direct will be broadcast this month.

It Takes Two verscheen in maart 2021. De game draait om Cody en May, die na een flinke ruzie worden omgetoverd tot poppen en in een fantasiewereld terechtkomen. De game is enkel speelbaar in lokale of online co-op, vergelijkbaar met Hazelights vorige titel A Way out.

News | Friend requests can now be sent via Switch Online app

Users can now send friend requests via the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app.

Previously this was only possible via the Nintendo Switch itself, but now it is also possible via the smartphone app. Players can also share their unique friend code via a qr code or url. It is not possible to accept the friend request via the app; that still has to be done via the Switch itself.

Furthermore, people using the app on iPhone need at least iOS 14.0 to use it. People with iOS 13 or earlier will no longer be able to use the app.

News | Oddworld: Soulstorm Oddtimized Edition for Switch Announced

Oddworld: Soulstorm is coming to Nintendo Switch in the form of an 'Oddtimized Edition'.

Publisher Microids and developer Oddworld Inhabitants have announced this. In addition to a digital release, there will also be two physical releases. In addition to the game, the Limited Oddition also includes a metal cover and three art prints, and the Collector’s Edition contains a figurine of Abe, an artbook, stickers and a key ring in addition to the above content.

Oddworld: Soulstorm was released last April on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store. It will be released on Xbox consoles in November last year and on Steam in June this year.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is set after New ‘N Tasty and revolves around Abe’s image as a hero and his chance to change the world. The gameplay consists largely of platforms, but also has light RPG elements. The game is a standalone remake of the original Oddworld sequel Abe’s Exoddus, but also partly tells a new story.

A release date for the Switch version has not yet been announced. A trailer and the special physical editions can be viewed below. The remake of the first Oddworld, called New ’n Tasty, has been available for the Switch for several years now.

News | Bayonetta 3 will have a no "nude" mode

There is a special mode in Bayonetta 3 that modifies nude scenes.

This is evident from a tweet from developer PlatinumGames. The ‘Naive Angel Mode’ ensures that Bayonetta keeps her clothes on when performing moves. In the games, Bayonetta loses her clothes, which are actually made of her hair, for certain moves. Enabling the mode “allows the game to be played in the living room without worrying about what’s on the screen…we think.”

PlatinumGames also shared a video in the tweet showing the difference between turning the mode on and off. The video can be viewed below. It also shows how other characters with little clothing get more clothing when the mode is turned on.

Nintendo announced yesterday that Bayonetta 3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch on October 28. It was also announced that the first Bayonetta, which never physically came out on Nintendo Switch, will be getting a physical release later this year.

The Bayonetta series revolves around the titular witch who finds herself in the middle of a battle between heaven and hell. In terms of gameplay, the action games resemble the Devil May Cry series, where dizzying moves can be strung together via combos. Since Bayonetta 2, Nintendo has been funding the development of the games – which is why the second part has never been released on any other company’s platforms and the third part will also be released exclusively for Switch.

News | iOS 16 adds support for Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers

With the upcoming iOS 16, people can connect their Joy-Cons or Switch Pro Controllers to their iOS devices.

Apple recently announced iOS 16 and made the beta of the operating system available to developers. The Verge reports that developer Riley Testut learned that the Switch Pro Controllers and Joy-Cons are now recognized by iOS and can be used on the iPhone.

Following on from this discovery, Apple engineering manager Nat Brown has confirmed that this is indeed a new feature. Joy-Cons can be used as individual controllers as well as grouped together for one controller.

iOS 16 is expected to go into public beta in July and will be fully rolled out in September this year. Several other controllers have been supported by iOS for several years, including the Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One controllers, as well as the DualShock 4 and DualSense.

News | Borderlands 3 will get cross-play on PlayStation

Cross-play should also be added to the PlayStation version of Borderlands 3 sometime this spring. Cross-play has been available for some time on other systems

That was announced during Gearbox Software’s PaxEast presentation. In-game cross-play was already available on all other systems, but it will also be added to the PlayStation version of the game this spring. Then players on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia can play with each other.

Gearbox also announced a new Tales from the Borderlands during the presentation. The first game was released in 2014 and was still being developed by Telltale Games, but the sequel is being developed by Gearbox itself.

News | New Nintendo Switch model with OLED screen will be released on October 8

Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Switch model with an OLED screen, which will launch on October 8.

The new model is comparable in size to the regular Nintendo Switch, but has a larger screen of 7 inches with OLED technology. This should yield better colors and a higher contrast. The hybrid console also includes a LAN port, 64 GB of system memory and built-in speakers with enhanced audio. Finally, the console includes a wide, adjustable stand. The dock in which the system is placed has also been renewed.

Nintendo has announced that the functions of the new Switch model will remain the same: as usual, the Switch can be taken anywhere to play on the spot, but it can also be connected to the television via the dock. Otherwise, the Joy-Con controllers work in the same way.

There is no mention of improved graphics capabilities or 4k resolution. Earlier rumors about a so-called ‘Switch Pro’ did mention this.

The new Switch with the OLED screen will be released on October 8 in two editions. One with white Joy-Cons and one with neon red and neon blue Joy-Cons. All the old Joy-Cons will work on it as well as all Switch games. The Switch game Metroid Dread will also be released on October 8.

Nintendo does not give official suggested retail prices in Europe, but the new Switch costs $349.99 in the United States which is $50 more than the regular Switch. It is therefore almost certain that in Europe 50 euros must also be added to the standard price for the new model.

News | Pokémon Unite coming to Nintendo Switch in July


The Android and iOS version of the game will launch in September. As of that month, the game will also support cross-play, and cross-save if players log in with their Nintendo account or Pokémon Trainer Club account. No Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to play the game.

The new trailer gives a better look at the free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game (moba). In it, players fight against each other in teams of five to conquer control points and defeat and capture wild pokémon. Wild Pokemon can also be caught during matches, and evolve as they gain experience points. Finally, each Pokemon has one stronger Unite attack per game.

News | The Binding of Isaac: Repentance is coming to Switch and PlayStation

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year.

That has the developer announced. It was previously announced that the PC version will be released on March 31, but the game should also be available on Switch, PS4 and PS5 sometime later this year. There will also be a physical version for Switch and PS5.

Repentance is officially an extension to The Binding of Isaac, but according to the maker it is more of a sequel, full of new elements. According to the maker, the game will be expanded enormously with new bosses, floors and alternative paths.