There is a special mode in Bayonetta 3 that modifies nude scenes.

This is evident from a tweet from developer PlatinumGames. The ‘Naive Angel Mode’ ensures that Bayonetta keeps her clothes on when performing moves. In the games, Bayonetta loses her clothes, which are actually made of her hair, for certain moves. Enabling the mode “allows the game to be played in the living room without worrying about what’s on the screen…we think.”

PlatinumGames also shared a video in the tweet showing the difference between turning the mode on and off. The video can be viewed below. It also shows how other characters with little clothing get more clothing when the mode is turned on.

Nintendo announced yesterday that Bayonetta 3 will be coming to Nintendo Switch on October 28. It was also announced that the first Bayonetta, which never physically came out on Nintendo Switch, will be getting a physical release later this year.

The Bayonetta series revolves around the titular witch who finds herself in the middle of a battle between heaven and hell. In terms of gameplay, the action games resemble the Devil May Cry series, where dizzying moves can be strung together via combos. Since Bayonetta 2, Nintendo has been funding the development of the games – which is why the second part has never been released on any other company’s platforms and the third part will also be released exclusively for Switch.