Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo Switch model with an OLED screen, which will launch on October 8.

The new model is comparable in size to the regular Nintendo Switch, but has a larger screen of 7 inches with OLED technology. This should yield better colors and a higher contrast. The hybrid console also includes a LAN port, 64 GB of system memory and built-in speakers with enhanced audio. Finally, the console includes a wide, adjustable stand. The dock in which the system is placed has also been renewed.

Nintendo has announced that the functions of the new Switch model will remain the same: as usual, the Switch can be taken anywhere to play on the spot, but it can also be connected to the television via the dock. Otherwise, the Joy-Con controllers work in the same way.

There is no mention of improved graphics capabilities or 4k resolution. Earlier rumors about a so-called ‘Switch Pro’ did mention this.

The new Switch with the OLED screen will be released on October 8 in two editions. One with white Joy-Cons and one with neon red and neon blue Joy-Cons. All the old Joy-Cons will work on it as well as all Switch games. The Switch game Metroid Dread will also be released on October 8.

Nintendo does not give official suggested retail prices in Europe, but the new Switch costs $349.99 in the United States which is $50 more than the regular Switch. It is therefore almost certain that in Europe 50 euros must also be added to the standard price for the new model.