News | Boba Fett is coming to Fortnite

Star Wars' well known biounty hunter Boba Fett is coming to Fortnite.

Epic Games revealed this in a tweet. In addition to the bounty hunter, his partner Fennec Shand also comes to the game. Whether this concerns a second, separate skin is still unclear.

Both skins will be available in Fortnite on December 24. The Book of Boba Fett will air on Disney Plus on the same day.

Yesterday, Epic revealed that Jean Gray from X-MEN is also available in-game from now on. Players can also purchase the Dark Phoenix skin, Dark Phoenix emote and a loading screen.

News | Dune is coming to Fortnite

Artwork has leaked showing characters and elements from the new Dune movie and  they're coming to Fortnite.

For example, there is a loading screen in which two main characters of the film pose in the desert, with a sandworm in the background.An illustration with various unlockable Fortnite items has also been leaked. It highlights that the characters Chani and Paul Atreides are unlockable skins, as well as various items and poses based on the film.

Fortnite has been known in recent years for guest-starring various characters from films, series, comics and games. Previously, for example, Marvel and DC characters, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Master Chief from Halo and the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.

The collaboration with the Warner Bros. released movie Dune has not yet been officially announced.

News | Superman is now available in Fortnite

Superman can be unlocked in the popular battle royale game Fortnite since yesterday.

Superman is part of the seventh season of Fortnite. Players will need to complete a number of challenges to unlock the skins and associated cosmetic items. It concerns various Epic Quests.

In addition to the traditional Superman suit, there are also alternative outfits in the form of a black colored suit and a Clark Kent version.

News | Loki coming to Fortnite soon

Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, will be playable in Fortnite from July 1 for anyone who has a Fortnite Crew subscription.

Epic Games announced this in a video and an accompanying blog post. To play with this character, players need a Fortnite Crew subscription, which costs 12 euros per month. Fortnite players who have this will then be able to collect some Loki-related accessories and 1000 V-bucks on July 1.

As is often the case, Epic Games chooses to add a character from another franchise when this character is in the spotlight at that moment. This is also the case with Loki, of which a Disney Plus series currently receives new episodes every week.

News | Rick and Morty are coming to Fortnite

The cartoon characters Rick and Morty are added to Fortnite.

In the run-up to the new season of Fortnite, Epic Games hints at several new crossovers on social media. Crossovers with other franchises have become an important part of the Fortnite experience anyway, after many previous crossovers with Marvel, Halo and Horizon Zero Dawn, among others.

The most recent teaser features the Butter Robot, a character from the Adult Swim cartoon series Rick and Morty. This robot was put together by Rick for the sole purpose of bringing butter to him. It therefore seems likely that the iconic duo will appear in the game during the seventh season of Fortnite. More details according to most likely soon.

News | Horizon Zero Dawns Aloy is coming to Fortnite

Horizon Zero Dawn's main character, Aloy, is coming to the popular battle royale shooter Fortnite.

That has been confirmed today. The character will be in the Fortnite item store next Thursday, along with various accessories and a bundle that includes everything.

People with a PlayStation 5 can also unlock a second style of Aloy in-game. In this style she is dressed as she was dressed in Horizon Zero Dawn expansion The Frozen Wild. This is similar to how PS5 owners could also unlock a second style for Kratos and Xbox Series players could get started with an exclusive version of Master Chief.

Tomorrow Fortnite players on PS4 and PS5 can join the Aloy Cup. They therefore have a chance to unlock Aloy in the game free of charge. In addition, starting April 16, the limited-time Fortnite mode Team Up! Will be available on all systems. Aloy and Lara available, in which Aloy and Lara Croft team up.

More information about Aloy in Fortnite can be found on PlayStation Blog. The Dutch Guerrilla Games is working on a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, called Horizon Forbidden West, which as far as is known should be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 this year.

News | Lara Croft ontgrendelbaar in nieuw seizoen van Fortnite

The new season of Fortnite that starts today is called Primal and includes Lara Croft as the skin.

In addition to Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Raven from Teen Titans is also in the sixth season of Chapter 2. There are also characters associated with the story, including Agent Jones, the ‘Spire Assassin’ and Raz. Brazilian footballer Neymar must also become unlockable in the course of the season.

Set right after the Season 5 Zero Crisis Finale, Primal adds a prehistoric biome to Fortnite Island. In the center of the map is a towering rock surrounded by a village.

From now on there are all kinds of animals on the island, from wolves to chickens. Players can also craft their own weapons with a new crafting mechanic. These weapons can be made by hunting animals and collecting discarded equipment.

News | Fall Guys may get Fortnite content

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may soon receive content based on Fortnite.

This is evident from recently added code to Fall Guys. The generally reliable FNLeaksAndInfo reports that the code mentions Fortnite, as well as Fortnite characters Peely, Cuddle Team Leaer, Llama, Ripley and Bunny Brawler.

A collaboration between Fortnite and Fall Guys has not yet been officially announced. FNLeaksAndInfo suspects that an announcement may take place around Easter, due to the report from Bunny Brawler.

Both games are among the most popular battle royale games at the moment. Both games also regularly have unlockable content based on various other franchises, so the collaboration is not inconceivable.

News | Mode based on The Mandalorian now playable in Fortnite

A special limited-time mode based on the Star Wars series The Mandalorian is available in Fortnite.

The limited-time mode is called Mando’s Bounty and is based on the popular Star Wars series that can be viewed on Disney +.

Players can collect galactic credits alone or in teams by taking out targets on your Bounty Puck – or all other opponents. The first person to earn a certain number of credits and then beat Mando himself wins the match. Each player has three lives. People who finish first can unlock a Beskar Umbrella.

Mando’s Bounty mode is available until next Tuesday afternoon.

News | Nintendo announces special Fortnite edition of the Switch

Nintendo has announced a special Fornite edition of the Switch.

The Fornite bundle includes a special edition of the Switch Dock with several familiar faces from the Fortnite universe depicted on it. In addition to the special version of the dock, the package includes a blue and a yellow Joy-Con.

Owners of the pack will also receive the new Wildcat skin with a choice of two different back blings. Buyers also receive the Fortnite package 2000 V-Bucks, which is equal to twenty euros.

Bloomberg recently reported that the production of the Nintendo Switch will be increased to thirty million copies this fiscal year.

The Nintendo Switch Fortnite bundle will be available in Europe from October 30.