The new season of Fortnite that starts today is called Primal and includes Lara Croft as the skin.

In addition to Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Raven from Teen Titans is also in the sixth season of Chapter 2. There are also characters associated with the story, including Agent Jones, the ‘Spire Assassin’ and Raz. Brazilian footballer Neymar must also become unlockable in the course of the season.

Set right after the Season 5 Zero Crisis Finale, Primal adds a prehistoric biome to Fortnite Island. In the center of the map is a towering rock surrounded by a village.

From now on there are all kinds of animals on the island, from wolves to chickens. Players can also craft their own weapons with a new crafting mechanic. These weapons can be made by hunting animals and collecting discarded equipment.