The new Fortnite season, which is called 'season OG' and returns to the original map, started this morning.

The season has already been rumored and last week it was officially confirmed that this season will include the map from Chapter 1, Season 5. The season only lasts a month and there are only fifty tiers in the battle pass. Additionally, the island will change with each update to mimic a different season from Chapter 1.

The return to the original version of the island also means players can visit iconic locations such as Titled Towers and Frosty Flights. In addition, classic items, weapons and vehicles return, such as the Assault Rifle, Pump Shotgun and shopping carts.

The skins that people can unlock are combinations between previous favorite Fortnite skins. For example, Peely the banana is combined with ice cream mascot Lil’ Whip, resulting in a new skin called Lil’ Split. More information about the new season can be found on the official website.