Hardware | DualSense Edge controller releases January 26

The DualSense Edge will be available from January 26, 2023 and will cost 239.99 euros.

Sony has announced that. The controller will be available on that date for 239.99 euros via direct.playstation.com – only on February 23, the controller will also be offered through a selection of regular stores. Pre-orders for the controller will go live on October 25.

In addition to the controller itself, a braided USB cable is included, as well as a storage bag and several interchangeable buttons and triggers for the controller itself.

Sony unveiled the DualSense Edge at Gamescom last August. There have been rumors for some time that Sony would come up with its own ‘pro controller’, similar to the Xbox Elite controller.

Players can customize the controller to their own play style. Button functions can be set as desired, as well as the sensitivity of the analog sticks and their ‘dead zones’. You can also save different profiles with settings.

The top of the analog sticks can be replaced. There are three different ‘caps’ for the sticks. There are also two sets of buttons for the back of the controller.

News | God of War Ragnarök Trailer and DualSense Controller Shown

A new God of War Ragnarök trailer and a special DualSense controller were showcased during the State of Play.

Among other things, the trailer shows new realms that players visit in the game. At the end of the trailer, Kratos can be seen taking on a well-known Norse God. The trailer can be viewed below.

In addition, Sony unveiled a new DualSense controller in the style of the game. The controller will be available on November 9 and can also be seen below.

God of War Ragnarök is the direct sequel to the 2018 God of War, which was another ‘soft reboot’ of the long-running action series. Once again Kratos and his son embark on an adventure in the Norse mythological kingdoms. This time, all nine different realms can be explored.

The game will be released on November 9 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

News | Sony unveils PlayStation 5 accessories in gray camouflage

Sony has unveiled accessories for the PlayStation 5 in a gray camouflage color.

The company is releasing a DualSense controller, console hoods and the Pulse 3D headset in the new color.

The controller and hoods will be available for two weeks from October 14 in the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg only through the PlayStation Direct store. After that, from October 28, the controller will also be sold in other stores. The caps will remain exclusive to the PlayStation store. The headset will be released in December.

Earlier, Sony already released five other colors. The colors were Midnight Black, Galactic Purple, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink and Starlight Blue. The panels of the PS5 can be easily removed by the user, after which they can be replaced with the new panels. It costs 54.99 euros per set. Kits are available for both the PS5 with and without a disk drive.

News | The Medium is coming to PlayStation 5

Horror game The Medium will be released on PlayStation 5 later this year.

Developer Bloober Team has confirmed this. The game will be released on September 3rd and should make full use of the DualSense controller features. Earlier this month, a then-unannounced PS5 version was already provided with an age rating.

The Medium launched in January for Xbox Series X and S, Game Pass, Steam, and the Microsoft Store. In the game, players take on the role of a clairvoyant who moves between the real and a spiritual world. Gamers visit an abandoned resort while having visions of a child’s murder. It is striking that players walk around in two dimensions at the same time.

News | DualSense controller gets official Linux support

Sony has released a driver for the DualSense controller that allows the PlayStation 5 controller to be used on Linux.

Earlier this month, Sony released the driver. However, the driver has not yet been officially accepted and so has yet to be rolled out worldwide, but this should be done in the near future.

Thanks to the driver, all the basic features of the PS5 controller will work properly on a Linux operating system, including the regular action buttons, the touchpad, the default rumble and motion sensors. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are not yet working.

No official drivers for the DualSense are available for Windows. However, the controller is supported via Steam.

News | Black Dualsense controller for PlayStation 5 photos revealed

The Federal Communications Commission in the United States has released photos of a black Dualsense controller for the PlayStation 5.

The independent committee regulates electronics and regularly records products it evaluates. The nine images show a completely black Dualsense, where the regular controller contains black and white colors.

It is the second time that the FCC has laid down a black version of the Dualsense. It is striking that the buttons were white at the time, whereas the more recent version only contains black buttons.

The controller may be intended for PlayStation 5 development kits and not for sale. It is still unclear whether a black version of the Dualsense will appear.

The regular Dualsense ships with the PlayStation 5, which launches on November 19. In the United States, however, accessories appear to be hitting stores on October 30, well before the November 12 release date.

News | Leaked photos of PlayStation 5 controller show battery capacity

Leaked photos of the Dualsense controller for PlayStation 5 may show the device's battery capacity. The battery is said to contain 1560 mAh.

The photos come from Twitter user Galaxy-666, who claims to make accessories for console makers like Sony and Microsoft. The controller is currently being tested to make peripherals compatible.

If the figures are correct, the Dualsense has about one and a half times more battery capacity than the Dualshock 4, which has a battery of 1000 mAh. According to previous rumors, the controller lasts three to four hours longer than the Dualshock 4.

Sony has not yet officially released specifications or price of the Dualsense. The controller is included with the PlayStation 5, which will be released this fall.