Sony has unveiled accessories for the PlayStation 5 in a gray camouflage color.

The company is releasing a DualSense controller, console hoods and the Pulse 3D headset in the new color.

The controller and hoods will be available for two weeks from October 14 in the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg only through the PlayStation Direct store. After that, from October 28, the controller will also be sold in other stores. The caps will remain exclusive to the PlayStation store. The headset will be released in December.

Earlier, Sony already released five other colors. The colors were Midnight Black, Galactic Purple, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink and Starlight Blue. The panels of the PS5 can be easily removed by the user, after which they can be replaced with the new panels. It costs 54.99 euros per set. Kits are available for both the PS5 with and without a disk drive.