Sony has just shown the PlayStation 5 controller: the DualSense. The PS5 controller has a number of new features, including haptic feedback.

Haptic feedback ensures that players feel realistic vibrations while playing. Sony previously gave as an example that different surfaces, such as sand or rocks, can be distinguished in this way. As an extension of this, the DualSense has adaptive triggers, which make the resistance of, for example, an arrow and bow or an accelerator pedal feel much more realistic.

In terms of design, the controller no longer consists of one color, such as the Dualshock 4, but two colors, in this case black and white. It also seems to be slightly larger than its predecessor and Sony says that it has made a number of adjustments in terms of grip. According to the company, the battery life should be “strong” and the weight should not be too high.

As for buttons, the Share button has been replaced by the Create button, although the functionality seems to be the same. Sony says later to share more details about the button. In addition, the colors of the right buttons have disappeared and the DualSense contains a built-in microphone for voice chat without a headset.

Finally, the DualSense has two light bars on either side of the touchpad and a USB-C connection can be seen on the front.

The DualSense is included with the PlayStation 5. The console and controller will appear around the holidays.