News | Elden Ring expansion Shadow of the Erdtree releases on June 21

Shadow of the Erdtree, an expansion for FromSoftware's Elden Ring, will be released on June 21. The first images were revealed today.

The expansion will cost 39.99 euros and offers a completely new story set in the ‘Land of Shadow’, a “land that was plundered during a great battle” and the land where goddess Marika comes from. Players can expect new mysteries, dungeons, enemies, magic and weapons, and switch between the Elden Ring and expansion game worlds at any time.

“Explore uncharted territories, face formidable opponents and revel in the triumph of victory.” According to FromSoftware, Shadow of the Erdtree is the largest expansion they have made for a game to date.

A special bundle will also be released that includes both the base game and the expansion.

Shadow of the Erdtree will be released on the same systems that Elden Ring is available on, i.e. PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC

News | Free Dune expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator released

Xbox, in collaboration with Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment released a free expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator based on the Dune franchise.

This logically ties in with the upcoming cinema release of the film Dune: Part 2 at the end of this month.

The expansion sees players leave Earth and visit the deserts of Arrakis for the first time in the game. Here players can control an ornithopter, a flying machine propelled by four wings. The expansion contains three tutorials, five time trials and a rescue mission.

News | Teaser of second Atomic Heart expansion released

Developer Mundfish has posted images of the second expansion for Atomic Heart online.

A few months ago, the company released a first teaser of the second expansion in which geese play the leading role – that video can also be viewed below. The second teaser shows the game world where the DLC takes place, Limbo. This shows that the environments become imaginative and playful compared to the game itself.

According to the developer, players can expect “a strange world with opposing logic” where they will face new enemies using unique weapons. Players must figure out if they are stuck in Limbo forever.

The new expansion should be released sometime this winter and is part of the season pass. An expansion for the game was previously released called Annihilation Instinct.

Atomic Heart, released earlier this year for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, was criticized by some gamers because the developer’s Russian ties remained unclear. Despite that, the game sold beyond expectations.

News | First expansion Remnant 2 will be released next Tuesday

The Awakened King, the first expansion to Remnant 2, will be released on Tuesday, November 14.

As announced by developer Gunfire Games. The expansion will cost 9.75 euros and contains a completely new story surrounding the One True King, a being poisoned by the Root and seeking revenge.

Players must explore a new area called Losomn, which includes a castle and a coastal city. One can also expect new dungeons and “unexpected companions”, as well as new weapons and items to defeat the new enemies and bosses. Finally, the DLC includes a new class called the Ritualist, images of which can be seen below.

Remnant 2 was released last summer for PC, Xbox Series X and S and PlayStation 5.

News | First Lies of P expansion artwork shown

Neowiz and Round8 Studio have released the first artwork of upcoming downloadable content for Lies of P.

There is no more information about the DLC – yet – only that it should be released sometime soon. In any case, the artwork shows a ship colliding with another ship, and some kind of machine in an industrial environment.

The publisher and developer also released a new video hosted by director Jiwon Choi. In it he reports that a new patch for the soulslike should be released during the course of this month. This means that all kinds of changes have to be made to weapons and the balance of characters. To show gratitude, players will also receive a new outfit, as well as the option to wear hats and glasses separately. More information about the DLC and patch should be available soon.

The game is based on the classic Italian story Pinocchio, now best known from the Disney film Pinocchio. Players control Pinocchio, who goes to Mr. Geppetto is looking for the only person who can save the crumbling city of Krat. P has a mechanical arm that can serve as a tool or weapon. He can pull enemies towards him with it, or mount a flamethrower on it.

Lies of P was released on September 19 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC. The game is also on Game Pass.

News | Disney Dreamlight Valley will not be free-to-play upon release

Disney Dreamlight Valley will not be Free To Play when the game is officially released.

Gameloft has announced this. The game has been playable via early access for quite some time and now costs 29.99 euros. Initially, the game was planned to become free-to-play when the official release takes place on December 5. However, that is no longer the case.

According to Gameloft, they have decided to make it a paid release to ensure that the game can continue to be supported. “It’s important to us that we can continue to release free updates with new characters, environments, clothing, furniture and more surprises. That’s why we’ve made the decision to keep the game paid for the foreseeable future.”

As can be seen in the diagram above, different versions of the game will be available upon release. In addition, an expansion pass called A Rift in Time will be available. This will be revealed on November 1 via a livestream.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players with their own avatar visit a village that has been destroyed by a mysterious event called The Forgetting. Players must rebuild this village to their own taste and unravel the mystery behind this event. Ties are also created with various well-known Disney and Pixar characters. The game is playable on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

News | High On Knife DLC for High on Life will be released on October 3

High On Knife, the previously announced expansion for High on Life, will be available from October 3.

Developer Squanch Games has announced this. According to the developer, the expansion relies heavily on horror elements, so it is only logical to release the DLC before Halloween.

Players can expect a completely new environment with new characters and weapons in High on Knife. The DLC focuses specifically on Knifey, one of the game’s talking weapons. The new weapons include Harper, voiced by Saturday Night Live’s Sarah Sherman, and B.A.L.L.

High on Life was released last year and was praised for its humor, comparable to the cartoon series Rick and Morty. The game enjoyed enormous popularity shortly after release, especially on Xbox Game Pass. The game is also available on Xbox and PC, and since this summer also on PlayStation consoles.

News | The Boys character Homelander confirmed for Mortal Kombat 1

Homelander, the character from the television series The Boys, is coming to Mortal Kombat 1.

Even before the official reveal of Mortal Kombat 1, there were rumors that Homelander would be in the first DLC pack for the game. In addition, Quan Chi, Omni Man, Ermac, Takeda, and Peacemaker were also reported as part of this DLC pack.

It has now been confirmed via the official TikTok account of the series that Homelander is indeed coming to the fighting game, although it is not known when or whether it is indeed a DLC character

Mortal Kombat 1 was announced earlier this year. Playable characters include Scorpion, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Kitana, Mileena, Johnny Cage and Shang Tsung. The game also features so-called ‘Kameo fighters’ who assist players during battles. Cross-play and cross-progression will be added sometime after the game’s release. In addition, the game contains rollback netcode.

The game will be released on September 19 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store). People who purchase the Premium or Kollector’s Edition will get access on September 14.

News | Atomic Heart expansion Annihilation Instinct announced

The first expansion for Atomic Heart has been revealed: Annihilation Instinct.

Last May, Mundfish already announced that an expansion is being worked on, but it has now actually been revealed. The DLC takes place after the end of the game itself. “Get ready for a journey through the new mind-bending Mendeleev Complex and the swamps surrounding it, and learn the truth about Nora when Major P-3 is pulled back into Facility 3826.”

According to the creators, players can expect new enemies that can change shape. Also added are two new weapons – the Secateur for ranged shooting and the Klusha for melee attacks. Also, the player’s gauntlet gains a new Techno-Stasis ability, allowing players to influence time.

The game, released earlier this year for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, drew criticism from some gamers because the developer’s Russian ties remained unclear. Despite that, the game sold above expectations.

Annihilation Instinct will be released on August 2 and is part of the game’s season pass, which can be purchased for $39.99. After Annihilation Instinct, three more expansions have yet to be released for the game. Finally, Mundfish released an update to the game that added New Game Plus.

News | Phantom Liberty expansion changes a lot to Cyberpunk

CD Projekt Red will use Phantom Liberty, the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077 revealed yesterday, to adjust many essential elements of the game. Even people who don't buy the expansion will notice this.

Speaking to VGC, game developer Pawel Sasko stated that all essential elements of Cyberpunk 2077 have been revised or significantly updated. These include the AI, the police system, the difficulty curve and the user interface (UI). The skill tree has also been redesigned as some fans found it “disappointing” for an RPG. In addition, the expansion allows fighting from a vehicle without the need for a scripted moment in the story.

CD Projekt Red therefore emphasizes that we should not regard Phantom Liberty as dlc, but as a full-fledged expansion of the game. Even if you don’t purchase the expansion, you will notice many of these changes. However, without Phantom Liberty it is not possible to go to Dogtown, the expanded new district of Night City.

Phantom Liberty was unveiled last night at the Xbox Games Showcase. In the trailer we saw familiar characters such as V and Johnny Silverhand return. The expansion also introduces new characters, including Solomon Reed, played by renowned actor Idris Elba. Phantom Liberty will be the only expansion Cyberpunk 2077 will receive.

Phantom Liberty will be released September 26 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S and PC. The expansion has a price tag of 30 euros.