News | Borderlands 3 is now free to claim via Epic Games Store

People can now claim Borderlands 3 for free through the Epic Games Store.

The game has been available for free from the Epic Games Store since yesterday and will remain available until May 26. It’s the first of “four big blockbuster games” to be offered for free through Epic Games Store over the next few weeks. Which other games will become available for free is still a secret.

At this time, the Mega Sale 2022 has also started on the Epic Games Store. More than 1,600 games and expansions are available for purchase with up to 75 percent off. Everyone will also receive a coupon for a 25 percent discount. The promotion runs until June 16.

Borderlands 3 received a 9,0 on GamersInfuzed “As progressive as Borderlands 2 was, so traditional is the sequel. At a time when the loot shooter consists of open online worlds with a constant flow of content thanks to titles like The Division, Borderlands 3 remains close to the roots of the franchise, which is totally fine because the game is a fantastic cooperative loot shooter and a delightful parody of stream culture.”

News | Borderlands 3 will get cross-play on PlayStation

Cross-play should also be added to the PlayStation version of Borderlands 3 sometime this spring. Cross-play has been available for some time on other systems

That was announced during Gearbox Software’s PaxEast presentation. In-game cross-play was already available on all other systems, but it will also be added to the PlayStation version of the game this spring. Then players on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia can play with each other.

Gearbox also announced a new Tales from the Borderlands during the presentation. The first game was released in 2014 and was still being developed by Telltale Games, but the sequel is being developed by Gearbox itself.

News | Borderlands event started in Sea of Thieves

The Borderlands event has started in Sea of Thieves in the form of the Making Mayhem event.

During the event, players should try to earn Favor with the Bilge Rats by participating in a variety of activities. There are Minor Mayhem challenges, for example, where players try to detonate as many Gunpowder Skeletons as possible at the same time or try to destroy a Ghost Ship.

There are seven tiers of rewards to unlock, all contributing to the completion of the Mayhem ship, which is clearly inspired by the Borderlands series in terms of color and logo.

The event runs until September 7. More information can be found on the official website. Sea of Thieves is playable on Xbox consoles, PC and Game Pass.

News | Borderlands 3's second anniversary is celebrated with in-game events

September marks the two-year anniversary of Borderlands 3. Gearbox celebrates this with various in-game events.

The first event, called Loot the Universe, started yesterday and will run through September 9. Each week, a planet within the game is modified so that better (Legendary) loot can be found. This week it’s Pandora. Below is the complete schedule:

  • August 12-18: Pandora
  • August 19 to 26: Promethea
  • August 27 to September 2: Eden-6
  • September 2 to 8: Nekrotafey

From 9 September, two more events will take place simultaneously. The first is Mayhem Made Mild, with players only encountering Easy modifiers in Mayhem mode. The second is Show Me the Eridium, where many more Eridium will appear as loot and Eridium items can be purchased at a discount.

On the day of the two-year anniversary, September 13,  more in-game celebrations are to follow, but Gearbox is keeping that a surprise for now.

News | Borderlands 3 expansion Director's Cut will be released next month

Gearbox will release the new Borderlands 3 expansion Director's Cut on March 18.

That the developer revealed yesterday. Director’s Cut features a new raid boss in the form of Hemovorous the Invincible. Players can find him behind a mysterious door on Pandora that has been closed since the game was released.

The expansion also includes a number of murder mysteries, which players can solve via a new mechanic that can be used to analyze the crime scene. The game also has new locations and three Vault Cards. Director’s Cut is part of the second season pass but can also be purchased separately.

Starting today, the Broken Hearts Day season event is playable for everyone. This gives some enemies in Borderlands 3 hearts over their heads. Hitting those hearts will unlock rewards, including five new items and two Legendary weapons. The event lasts until February 25th.

Finally, Gearbox announced that Tales from the Borderlands will be available digitally again from February 17 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The episodic game disappeared from digital stores in 2019 when developer Telltale closed its doors.

News | Next-gen update Borderlands 3 will be released with new consoles

The previously announced next-gen update for Borderlands 3 will be available at the same time as the new consoles.

That means Borderlands 3 players with an Xbox Series X can download the update on November 10, and on PlayStation 5, the update can be downloaded on November 19. As long as you own the game on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the update can be downloaded at no cost. Of course, PS4 gamers can only upgrade to the PS5 version, and Xbox One gamers can only upgrade to the Xbox Series version.

The next-gen version of the looter shooter runs in 60 fps and 4K. The next-gen versions also support four-player split screen. There will also be a vertical split screen option for two players. This setting has been in all previous Borderlands games, but was missing in Borderlands 3 so far. Current-gen players will also get a free vertical split-screen update.

News | New Borderlands 3 DLC will be announced next Tuesday

A short teaser reveals that new downloadable content for Borderlands 3 will be revealed next Tuesday.

The teaser features the character Krieg from Borderlands 2, he’ll return in the upcoming DLC. However, there are no more details yet.

The upcoming expansion will be part of the Borderlands 3 season pass. Moxxi’s Heist on the Handsome Jackpot, Guns, Love and Tentacles and Bounty of Blood have already been released.

News | Nominations BAFTA Game Awards announced

The nominations for the BAFTA Game Awards were announced on Tuesday on the award show's website.

The most striking nominations ais the Untitled Goose Game, which recently won Game of The Year at the DICE Awards. And is now again nominated for best game of the year. The game is also nominated for the best family game of the year.

Best Game

Control– Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

Outer Wilds– Annapurna Interactive, Mobius Digital

Luigi’s Mansion 3– Nintendo, Next Level Games

Untitled Goose Game– House House, Panic

Disco Elysium– ZA/UM

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Activision, From Software

Best artistic achievement

Concrete Genie – Pixelopus

Control – Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

Sayonara Wild Hearts – Simogo,Annapurna

Knights and Bikes – Double Fine Productions, Foam Sword Games, Foam Sword

Disco Elysium – ZA/UM

British Game Award

Knights and Bikes– Double Fine Productions, Foam Sword

Heaven’s Vault– Inkle

Planet Zoo– Frontier Developments

DiRT Rally Day One Edition 2.0- Codemasters

Observation– Devolver Digital, No Code

Total War: Three Kingdoms– Sega, Creative Assembly

Best debut

Manifold Garden – William Chyr Studio

Ape Out – Devolver Digital, Bennett Foddy, Gabe Cuzzillo, …

Knights and Bikes – Double Fine Productions, Foam Sword Games, Foam Sword

Katana Zero – Devolver Digital, Askiisoft

Disco Elysium – ZA/UM

Best new IP

Control – Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

The Outer Worlds – Obsidian Entertainment, Private Division

Untitled Goose Game – House House, Panic

Disco Elysium – ZA/UM

Death Stranding – Kojima Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Baba is you – Hempuli Oy

Best multiplayergame

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Nintendo, Next Level Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Infinity Ward, Activision

Borderlands 3 – Gearbox Software, 2K Games

Apex Legends – Respawn Entertainment, EA

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two – Other Tales Interactive

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2-Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft

Best evolving game

Fortnite – Epic Games

No Man’s Sky Beyond – Hello Games

Apex Legends – Chad Grenier, Drew McCoy

Path of Exile – Grinding Gear Games

Destiny 2 – Bungie

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – Square Enix

‘Game Beyond Entertainment’

Neo Cab – Chance Agency, Fellow Traveller

Life is Strange 2 – Square Enix, Dontnod Entertainment

Ring Fit Adventure – Nintendo

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm – 2K Games, Firaxis Games

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to) – Popcannibal, Clark Aboud, Ziba Scott

Death Stranding – Kojima Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Best family game

Concrete Genie – Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Pixelopus

Wattam – Annapurna Interactive, Funomena

Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Nintendo, Next Level Games

Knights and Bikes – Double Fine Productions, Moo Yu, Foam Sword, …

Untitled Goose Game – House House, Panic

Vacation Simulator – Owlchemy Labs

Best mobile-game (Chosen by the  public)

Tangle Tower – SFB Games

What the Golf? – Triband

Dead Man’s Phone: Interactive Crime Drama – Electric Noir Studios

Pokémon GO – Niantic

Call of Duty: Mobile – TiMi Studios, Tencent Games

Assemble with Care – ustwogames

Best technical prestation

Control – Remedy Entertainment, 505 Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Activision, Infinity Ward

Metro Exodus – 4A Games, Deep Silver

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Activision, From Software

Death Stranding – Kojima Productions, Sony Interactive Entertainment

A Plague Tale – Asobo Studio, Focus Home Interactive

News | New Borderlands 3 event: Broken Hearts Day

Gearbox and 2K have announced a new Borderlands 3 event during The Community Love Letter: Broken Hearts Day. This event will go live later this month.

The new Borderlands 3 event is devoted to Valentine’s Day and, according to Valve, is perfect for heart pain. With Broken Hearts Day, various enemies have hearts flying around their heads. When the player breaks the hearts, different rewards come out. A broken heart can strengthen the party, the enemy can stand on the player’s side or the heart simply explodes in a pile of loot. The more broken hearts, the more rewards.

A total of five rewards are available during the event, including special skins and legendary weapons.

The event is going live at the same time as the release of the new patch later this month and is free for all Borderlands 3 players. The event lasts exactly one week. It is possible to turn off the event in the game menu. In addition to the news about this new event, Gearbox also announces that the maximum level in Borderlands 3 is going up with the first level cap increase. From the moment the Broken Hearts Day event goes online, the maximum Vault Hunter level is increased by three levels to 53. This gives the player three extra skill points.

In addition, Gearbox and 2K today announced additional details about the following additions to the game: True Vault Hunter Mode, Skippable Cutscenes, Guardian Rank Toggling, Event Toggling, Fight for Your Life Improvements, Mayhem 2.0, Twitch ECHOcast Extension Additions.

News | Borderlands 3 will receive it's first DLC on 19 December

The new Borderlands 3 DLC called Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot comes out on December 19, where players can take on the challenge that Moxxi presents them.

Your client, Moxxi, asks you as the player to take control of the space station built by Handsome Jack. The space station used to be a casino called Handsome Jackpot, but after Jack’s death it’s loaded with Hyperion Loader robots, making the space station unusable. According to Moxxi, Jack has become successful by stealing her ideas and therefore wants to get the Handsome Jackpot under her control.

The heist is suitable for players from level 13, but the difficulty level and lottery ticket grows with the level of the player. So even if users are for example level 30, they can still take on a challenge. What is important to know is that players must have unlocked Sanctuary 3, otherwise it is not playable.

The expansion includes new legendary weapons and cosmetic items, as well as a new skin for the Echo Device. Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot is the first of four dlcs and is part of the Season Pass and the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe edition. The dlc will be released on December 19.

In addition, a free content update is also being released. This adds a new challenge: Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. This is a raid-style challenge for co-op parties with four characters of the maximum level.

Other changes that the update entails are that bosses have their own lottery, making it easier for players to collect legendary items and items. The maximum for Bank Space is also being increased from 50 to 300.