September marks the two-year anniversary of Borderlands 3. Gearbox celebrates this with various in-game events.

The first event, called Loot the Universe, started yesterday and will run through September 9. Each week, a planet within the game is modified so that better (Legendary) loot can be found. This week it’s Pandora. Below is the complete schedule:

  • August 12-18: Pandora
  • August 19 to 26: Promethea
  • August 27 to September 2: Eden-6
  • September 2 to 8: Nekrotafey

From 9 September, two more events will take place simultaneously. The first is Mayhem Made Mild, with players only encountering Easy modifiers in Mayhem mode. The second is Show Me the Eridium, where many more Eridium will appear as loot and Eridium items can be purchased at a discount.

On the day of the two-year anniversary, September 13,  more in-game celebrations are to follow, but Gearbox is keeping that a surprise for now.