People can now claim Borderlands 3 for free through the Epic Games Store.

The game has been available for free from the Epic Games Store since yesterday and will remain available until May 26. It’s the first of “four big blockbuster games” to be offered for free through Epic Games Store over the next few weeks. Which other games will become available for free is still a secret.

At this time, the Mega Sale 2022 has also started on the Epic Games Store. More than 1,600 games and expansions are available for purchase with up to 75 percent off. Everyone will also receive a coupon for a 25 percent discount. The promotion runs until June 16.

Borderlands 3 received a 9,0 on GamersInfuzed “As progressive as Borderlands 2 was, so traditional is the sequel. At a time when the loot shooter consists of open online worlds with a constant flow of content thanks to titles like The Division, Borderlands 3 remains close to the roots of the franchise, which is totally fine because the game is a fantastic cooperative loot shooter and a delightful parody of stream culture.”