News | Square Enix: 'Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold'

Final Fantasy 16 has  "gone gold" as reported by Square Enix, meaning development on the game is more or less complete.

“Final Fantasy 16 has gone gold. The entire team, including Torgal, hopes you look forward to the game’s June 22 release,” the company wrote on Twitter.

The term ‘going gold’ implies that there’s a nearly finished version of the game ready to go to print, although nowadays it doesn’t mean development is completely finished; often various patches are still being worked on.

Final Fantasy 16 will be released on PlayStation 5 on June 22 and promises to focus more on action-packed combat than previous installments in the series.

News | Forspoken cinematic trailer released

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Forspoken.v

In the trailer we can see how main character Frey Holland runs through two worlds: her hometown of New York City and the imaginative other dimension Athia that she finds herself in.

Frey is a seemingly normal woman who can influence her environment and apply that in combat. In New York she already knows how to impress with her speed and flexibility, but in Athia she takes it a step further.

Forspoken is being developed by Luminous Productions, a Square Enix studio consisting of developers of Final Fantasy 15. The game will be released on January 24 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

News | Trailer shows off the world of Forspoken

A new video introduces the world of Forspoken.

The trailer shows the world called Athia and shows you all there is to do in the game. In addition, the video goes into photo mode. The more photos players take, the more features they unlock.

Previously, trailers have been released that zoom in on the parkour skills and combat in the game. Forspoken revolves around Frey Holland, who arrives from New York in a fantasy universe called Athia. Frey is an apparently normal woman who can influence her environment and apply it in combat.

The game is being developed by Luminous Productions, a Square Enix studio composed of developers of Final Fantasy 15. The game will be released on January 24, 2023 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

A promotional trailer from Sony showed that the game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PC for two years. After January 23, 2025, the game may also appear on other platforms. It is not yet clear whether that will actually happen.

News | Mobile Avatar: The Last Airbender Game Revealed

Avatar: The Last Airbender mobile game Avatar: Generations has been announced.

The game is being developed by Square Enix London Mobile in collaboration with Canada’s Navigator Games, and is described as a free-to-pay RPG adventure with squad-based turn-based combat.

The game follows the gang consisting of Aang, Sokka, Katara, Suki, Toph, Zuko, Momo and Appa on the adventures from the animated series. Players can expect familiar locations and events from the series in an open game world. Future updates should also add characters and storylines from Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Navigator Games already has experience with Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, while Square Enix London previously released the mobile game Tomb Raider: Reloaded.

Avatar: Generations is already coming to iOS and Android systems through a soft launch in Canada, Denmark, South Africa and Sweden. Other countries should be added in the coming months. The game’s official website can be visited here.

News | Square Enix postpones Forspoken to January 24, 2023

Forspoken will no longer be released this year. The game has been postponed to January 24 of next year.

Square Enix and Luminous Productions announced this via a message on Twitter. As a result of ongoing discussions with key partners, we have made the strategic choice to move the launch of Forspoken to January 24, 2023.

The development team does say that the game’s development is progressing well. For example, “all game elements” would now be complete, and the development is in the “final polishing phase”.

“Thank you for your continued support and patience on this journey,” Square Enix and Luminous Productions concluded. “Your enthusiasm for the game inspires us daily and we can’t wait to share more from Forspoken with you later this summer!”

Forspoken was originally slated to release on October 11 this year, so it has been delayed for just over three months. The game is to be released on PC and PlayStation 5.

News | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Announced

Square Enix announced Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion last night for consoles and PC.

It’s a remaster of the PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. There were already rumors that the game would be announced during the Final Fantasy 7 livestream tonight, and those rumors turned out to be true.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will be released sometime this winter on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. The game will feature all-new 3D models, fully voiced voices for all characters, re-created backgrounds, an improved user interface, and other improvements.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 was released on PSP in 2007 and is a prequel to Final Fantasy 7. The game revolves around Zack Fair, a member of the Soldier organization who must search for the missing Soldier Genesis Rhapsodos. He soon uncovers a gigantic conspiracy. It is the first time since the PSP release that the game is being released.

News | Paid Outriders Expansion Announced

A paid expansion for Outriders called Worldslayer is coming on June 30th

The expansion will be released on June 30 and will feature an all-new campaign story, higher level caps, new gear, a new difficulty setting, and new endgame content. The campaign is separate from the main game. Players will take on a new Altered enemy, Ereshkigal. The planet Enoch is being explored more with new environments.

Existing players can continue playing with their character, but it is also possible to jump straight to level 30 with a new character and start the expansion. The expansion contains a total of almost 100 new legendary items.

At level 30, a new skill tree will also become available, the PAX tree, which will further develop existing classes in the game with specializations. There is also a new progression system called Ascension, which is earned by fighting battles. XP earned after level thirty goes to the Ascension level, which gives you points to improve the character.

Trial of Tarya Gratar is new endgame content and should be separate from Expeditions from the main game. More details to be shared by Square Enix at a later date.

News | Jane Foster becomes playable in Marvel's Avengers

The next superhero to come to Marvel's Avengers is Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor.

Crystal Dynamics announced this in a blog post. The character will “have a lot in common” with the existing Thor in the game, so it looks like a lot of moves will be inherited. Still, the character needs to have “elements that really suit Jane,” so it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a copy.

It’s not clear when Jane Foster will be coming to the game. The character is part of update 2.5, but that release date is still missing. More details should follow “in the future”. However, it seems likely that the character will make an appearance sometime this summer, as the new Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder comes releases in July.

News | Kingdom Hearts 4 Revealed

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event concluded with the Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal trailer. The trailer already seems to have some gameplay in it.

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event in Tokyo has ended. Attendees were shown a reveal trailer of the new Kingdom Hearts at the end, which is also on YouTube in the meantime. There is no English or Dutch trailer available at the time of writing (the above video contains English subtitles).

Striking is the new graphical style of the game, which looks more realistic than the cartoonish look of previous Kingdom Hearts games. In the trailer, Sora can be seen in what appears to be the city of Quadratum, hometown of the character Yozora.

Then Sora runs through town chasing a large Heartless that looks a lot like Darkside. Sora summons his Keyblade, after which a gameplay segment starts with a boss fight. Finally, the camera slides up, where two robed characters watch the fight.

Donald and Goofy can also be seen at the end of the trailer. Despite not being involved in the battle with the Heartless, they too seem to be back in the game. Nothing further is known about the story.

It is unknown when Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released. Square Enix has also not yet confirmed which platforms the game will be played on.

News | Massive Outriders update coming today


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As of today, a new, free update for Outriders is available.

Square Enix has announced that. The new update is called New Horizon. This includes four new Expeditions, a new transmog system, and removes timers from Expedition missions. Various elements of the game are also being modified. According to developer People Can Fly, this should greatly improve the overall experience. More information can be found here.

A “full expansion” should be released sometime in 2022. This one will be called Worldslayer. A teaser of it was shown below along with footage from the update, but the full reveal won’t be until next spring.

The shooter was released in April this year on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and then also appeared on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox consoles. Later, the game also came on Game Pass for PC. In Outriders, players can create their own ‘Outrider’ and search for the source of a mysterious signal. In total, the game can be played with three players at the same time.