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As of today, a new, free update for Outriders is available.

Square Enix has announced that. The new update is called New Horizon. This includes four new Expeditions, a new transmog system, and removes timers from Expedition missions. Various elements of the game are also being modified. According to developer People Can Fly, this should greatly improve the overall experience. More information can be found here.

A “full expansion” should be released sometime in 2022. This one will be called Worldslayer. A teaser of it was shown below along with footage from the update, but the full reveal won’t be until next spring.

The shooter was released in April this year on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and then also appeared on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox consoles. Later, the game also came on Game Pass for PC. In Outriders, players can create their own ‘Outrider’ and search for the source of a mysterious signal. In total, the game can be played with three players at the same time.