News | Arcane's second season will be released in November 2024

The second season of Arcane will be released on Netflix in November 2024.

The streaming service has announced this. Earlier this year, Riot Games boss Nicolo Laurent announced that the second season would not be released until 2024 at the earliest. “First of all, you want quality, you don’t want to rush it, and that takes time.”

The first season of the League of Legends series Arcane was released on Netflix in November 2021. Hailee Steinfield, Kevin Purnell and Kevin Alejandro, among others, play a role in the series, which is made in collaboration with game developer Riot Games. The series was praised by critics and fans and won an Emmy. Later that year, the arrival of a second season was confirmed.

News | Diablo 4 season two revealed

Blizzard showed a trailer for the upcoming second season of Diablo 4 during the Gamescom Opening Night Live show.

The second season is called Season of Blood and will be released on October 17. Players fight alongside the computer-controlled Eris, a skilled vampire hunter voiced by Eternals actress Gemma Chan. Players can expect five endgame bosses, as well as unlock vampire powers as they complete new missions.

Blizzard’s Rod Fergusson announced on stage at the Gamescom show that there are now twelve million Diablo 4 players. In addition, he promises that new content will be added to the game for years to come.

Diablo 4 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC.

News | The second season of Multiversus starts tonight

The second season of Multiversus will start tonight at 19:00 Dutch time.

Although it has not yet been announced what new characters can be expected during the second season, the official patch notes have already been published (via VGC). This shows, among other things, that adjustments are being made to the balance between the fighters and the arenas, and that a new free and a new paid battle pass will be available.

The Battle Pass includes several unlockable skins, such as Baker Street Tom & Jerry (when reaching Tier 50 of the free battle pass), Astronaut Velma (Tier 1 of the paid battle pass), Tea Time Reindog (Tier 42 of the paid battle pass ) and Maestro Bugs Bunny (Tier 50 of paid battle pass).

There is also an in-game store coming to the game. For example, the Samurai Batman skin from the game’s closed alpha for sale will be listed there. The recently added Silly Queue, with which all kinds of modifiers can be used, also adds new elements.