The second season of Multiversus will start tonight at 19:00 Dutch time.

Although it has not yet been announced what new characters can be expected during the second season, the official patch notes have already been published (via VGC). This shows, among other things, that adjustments are being made to the balance between the fighters and the arenas, and that a new free and a new paid battle pass will be available.

The Battle Pass includes several unlockable skins, such as Baker Street Tom & Jerry (when reaching Tier 50 of the free battle pass), Astronaut Velma (Tier 1 of the paid battle pass), Tea Time Reindog (Tier 42 of the paid battle pass ) and Maestro Bugs Bunny (Tier 50 of paid battle pass).

There is also an in-game store coming to the game. For example, the Samurai Batman skin from the game’s closed alpha for sale will be listed there. The recently added Silly Queue, with which all kinds of modifiers can be used, also adds new elements.