News | Free-to-play PvP shooter Marvel Rivals revealed

Marvel has unveiled their new Marvel Rivals game, a free to play PVP shooter.

The game will be a free-to-play PvP shooter in which two teams of six players compete against each other. “Rally your favorite Marvel characters and compete in 6v6 battles, using all-new Team-Up Skills in destructible locations from across the Marvel Universe,” the description reads.

These Team-Up abilities allow heroes to perform moves together. For example, Rocket Raccoon can ride around on Groot’s back. Players can choose from a wide selection of heroes and villains from well-known groups such as the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men and many more.

Marvel also promises that the game will continue to evolve. “New superheroes are introduced every season, along with challenging and diverse maps. Unlock new content to use in different strategies and experience thrilling action and endless possibilities in these adventurous team battles.”

Marvel immediately released a trailer with a lot of gameplay. The images shown are reminiscent of Overwatch, where two teams of Marvel heroes with different roles fight against each other.

Marvel Rivals is being developed with the help of Chinese publisher NetEase. An exact release date is not known, but we do know that the closed alpha test will be held in May on PC, via Steam and the Epic Games Store. No other platforms have been mentioned for the game yet.

News | Elden Ring will receive new Colosseum DLC tomorrow

FromSoftware has announced DLC for Elden Ring through a trailer. Starting tomorrow, players will be able to compete against each other in multiple colosseums scattered across the in-game map.

The free update focuses on PvP (Player versus Player) and is styled the ‘Colosseum Update’. A press release surrounding the new DLC states that “the colosseums of Limgrave, Leyndell, and Caelid will open their gates, allowing players to engage in different types of combat such as duels, free-for-alls, and team battles.”

In the new trailer released this afternoon by Bandai Namco, we first see how two characters battle each other. Moments later, they both summon Spirit Ashes turning the fight into a two-on-two battle. Later on, a three-on-three battle is depicted, which was not possible in Elden Ring before.

That there is now DLC with colosseum battles is no surprise. Data miners already discovered unused arenas in the game’s data files in March.

Incidentally, there is speculation that more DLC is coming to Elden Ring. For example, there are rumors that a major game expansion will be announced during The Game Awards, which will take place on Thursday night. That would explain why FromSoftware releases this DLC right before the show, rather than after.

Elden Ring was released in February this year and is considered a favorite for the Game of the Year award.

News | Upcoming Back 4 Blood beta will include Swarm mode

Turtle Rock Studios has released more information about the upcoming Back 4 Blood open beta. For example, the beta includes a PvP mode called Swarm.

In Swarm, two teams of four players compete against each other, with one team playing as the Infected Ridden and the other as the human Cleaners. The beta has two maps for these modes.

In addition to the Swarm mode, new content from the campaign should also be added in the upcoming beta, as well as a new playable Cleaner and two cooperative maps.

People who have pre-ordered the game can play the beta from August 5 to 9 and all other interested parties can get started from August 12 to 16. The beta is available on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. The beta also supports cross-play.

Back 4 Blood is being developed by Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios. Although the co-op shooter is similar in structure, Back 4 Blood introduces a number of new game mechanics. For example, enemies and circumstances per level work with a card system, which players can view prior to a round. This makes it possible to see which enemies are introduced and whether obstacles such as fog are present. Players in turn can also select their cards with bonuses.

Back 4 Blood comes out in full on October 12. The game will also be immediately available on Game Pass.

News | Sea of Thieves April Update Released

The April update from Sea of Thieves has been released. In the update, among other things, cats have finally been added to the game.

Sea of Thieves’ April update, Ships of Fortune, is the biggest update to the game yet. In addition to the cats, with matching outfits, Tall Tale has added many more new things like increased level caps, new ways to earn gold and reputation, a new revive system and more PvP action.

Starting today, players will also be able to join their favorite traders, making them an Emissary (emissary) for Gold Hoarders, Merchant’s Guild, Athena’s Fortune, or the Order Of Souls. Traders can use their trader-loot to earn money and reputation. The level cap for each of those factions has also been increased to 75. In addition, it is also possible to earn cosmetic attributes for a faction. For more information about Emissary’s, players can visit the Outpost and speak to the representative of the faction they are attending want to join. Keep in mind that it will cost a lot of knack.

As mentioned, a PvP faction has also been added, Reaper’s Bones. Instead of a player becoming an Emissary for a faction, they have to hunt Emissaries and earn gold and reputation. These Reapers simply appear on the map on the ship like all other Reaper flags.

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