The April update from Sea of Thieves has been released. In the update, among other things, cats have finally been added to the game.

Sea of Thieves’ April update, Ships of Fortune, is the biggest update to the game yet. In addition to the cats, with matching outfits, Tall Tale has added many more new things like increased level caps, new ways to earn gold and reputation, a new revive system and more PvP action.

Starting today, players will also be able to join their favorite traders, making them an Emissary (emissary) for Gold Hoarders, Merchant’s Guild, Athena’s Fortune, or the Order Of Souls. Traders can use their trader-loot to earn money and reputation. The level cap for each of those factions has also been increased to 75. In addition, it is also possible to earn cosmetic attributes for a faction. For more information about Emissary’s, players can visit the Outpost and speak to the representative of the faction they are attending want to join. Keep in mind that it will cost a lot of knack.

As mentioned, a PvP faction has also been added, Reaper’s Bones. Instead of a player becoming an Emissary for a faction, they have to hunt Emissaries and earn gold and reputation. These Reapers simply appear on the map on the ship like all other Reaper flags.

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