News | 'It Takes Two is getting a Nintendo Switch version'

Rumor has it that It Takes Two is coming to Nintendo Switch.

That’s what insider Jeff Grubb says in conversation with Nintendo Shack. “It Takes Two is coming to Switch. That’s one of the games I’ve heard coming in the Direct,” he says. He also refers to the insider The Snitch. The twitterer is often right and hinted at a Nintendo Switch in his Discord server. version of the co-op game.

The upcoming Nintendo Direct is going to be a big one according to Grubb. “There has to be a lot in it. It has to be bigger than the array of things they did over the summer when they didn’t have Direct.” It is still unclear when the Nintendo Direct will take place. Nintendo has not made any official announcements yet. However, there are strong rumors that the Direct will be broadcast this month.

It Takes Two verscheen in maart 2021. De game draait om Cody en May, die na een flinke ruzie worden omgetoverd tot poppen en in een fantasiewereld terechtkomen. De game is enkel speelbaar in lokale of online co-op, vergelijkbaar met Hazelights vorige titel A Way out.

News | EA may also be working on an Iron Man game

Electronic Arts would not only be working on a game around Black Panther, but also make a game about Marvel hero Iron Man.

Journalist Jeff Grubb reports during the Giant Bomb Game Mess Mornings stream that the publisher is “making another Marvel game with a single-player focus.” Journalist Tom Henderson responded that he has heard rumors that it is an Iron Man game. Henderson does warn that he is not sure how much the rumor can be trusted.

Grubb recently shared that he had heard that EA is also working on a single-player game around Black Panther. According to Grubb, the game, which is only just in development, starts when Black Panther dies, and players must prove themselves to become the new version of the hero.

The Black Panther game would be developed by a new EA studio in Seattle. It is unknown who is working on the possible Iron Man game. In any case, both games have not been officially announced as of yet.

Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA, recently mentioned in a conversation with shareholders that single player games are still very important to the company.

News | Sony is considering postponing Horizon Forbidden West to 2022

Sony may consider delaying Horizon Forbidden West to 2022.

That’s what journalist Jeff Grubb claims in a new episode of the paid Giant Bomb Show. He would have heard from a source that it is likely that Sony will postpone the game to next year. “I’m not sure – I think it’s still undecided – but I think they are leaning towards a 2022 release.”

Horizon Zero Dawn was announced last year. Since then, however, Sony has not stated a concrete release date for the game, but Guerrilla has previously announced that it is aiming for a release in 2021.

As for a new State of Play livestream, Grubb reports, “I’ve heard things, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve heard it’s coming in September. I think with that they’re saying, ‘here are other things we’re getting this fall. don’t worry,” but I think Forbidden West will be out in 2022.”

Sony and developer Guerrilla Games have not commented or confirmed any of the rumors. PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst said last month that release dates may shift. “We have two really big story-driven games in development: Horizon Forbidden West and the next God of War. With Horizon we are on track to get out around the holidays. But that’s not certain yet – we’re working as hard as possible so we can confirm as soon as possible.”

News | EA Motive may be working on a reboot of Dead Space series

The possible Dead Space game in development at EA Motive could be a reboot of the series.

Earlier this week, Gamesbeat’s Jeff Grubb reported that EA Motive would be announcing a new game during EA Play Live, and that it was the return of a well-known franchise. Grubb seemed to be hinting at Dead Space.

Gematsu now reports that it is not a sequel to the previous three Dead Space games, but a kind of reboot. However, there is no more information yet.

The original Dead Space games were developed by Visceral Games, which is no longer in existence. The EA Play Live stream will be available on July 22.

News | PlayStation 5 event to be held a little later in June

The PlayStation 5 event, which is rumored to be held on June 4, is said to have moved back an unknown number of days.

According to previous rumors, Sony would show many PlayStation 5 games at the event. VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb previously reported this – Grubb previously revealed several other pieces of information ahead of time, including the unveiling of Unreal Engine 5. Jason Schreier, former Kotaku editor, also said the event was scheduled to begin in early June. .

In a new article on VentureBeat, Grubb now reports that the event has moved back an unknown number of days for unknown reasons. It would still take place in the first half of June. However, it is possible that a number of third-party games that would be revealed during the show have already been shown to the public by publishers.Grubb also comments on a Microsoft live stream in June. The company would go deeper into the look and design of Xbox Series X here, although quite a bit is already known about it. As previously confirmed by Microsoft, the July event is about first-party games.