The PlayStation 5 event, which is rumored to be held on June 4, is said to have moved back an unknown number of days.

According to previous rumors, Sony would show many PlayStation 5 games at the event. VentureBeat editor Jeff Grubb previously reported this – Grubb previously revealed several other pieces of information ahead of time, including the unveiling of Unreal Engine 5. Jason Schreier, former Kotaku editor, also said the event was scheduled to begin in early June. .

In a new article on VentureBeat, Grubb now reports that the event has moved back an unknown number of days for unknown reasons. It would still take place in the first half of June. However, it is possible that a number of third-party games that would be revealed during the show have already been shown to the public by publishers.Grubb also comments on a Microsoft live stream in June. The company would go deeper into the look and design of Xbox Series X here, although quite a bit is already known about it. As previously confirmed by Microsoft, the July event is about first-party games.