News | Friend requests can now be sent via Switch Online app

Users can now send friend requests via the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app.

Previously this was only possible via the Nintendo Switch itself, but now it is also possible via the smartphone app. Players can also share their unique friend code via a qr code or url. It is not possible to accept the friend request via the app; that still has to be done via the Switch itself.

Furthermore, people using the app on iPhone need at least iOS 14.0 to use it. People with iOS 13 or earlier will no longer be able to use the app.

News | iOS 16 adds support for Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers

With the upcoming iOS 16, people can connect their Joy-Cons or Switch Pro Controllers to their iOS devices.

Apple recently announced iOS 16 and made the beta of the operating system available to developers. The Verge reports that developer Riley Testut learned that the Switch Pro Controllers and Joy-Cons are now recognized by iOS and can be used on the iPhone.

Following on from this discovery, Apple engineering manager Nat Brown has confirmed that this is indeed a new feature. Joy-Cons can be used as individual controllers as well as grouped together for one controller.

iOS 16 is expected to go into public beta in July and will be fully rolled out in September this year. Several other controllers have been supported by iOS for several years, including the Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One controllers, as well as the DualShock 4 and DualSense.

News | Diablo Immortal launches June 2 on mobile and PC

Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2 on iOS, Android and PC. All versions include cross play

Blizzard has announced that. It was already known that the game was coming to mobile, but now it is also clear that a PC version will be released. This is an open beta.

The PC version can be controlled with keyboard and mouse as well as controllers. The mobile game already had controller support in a previous beta. In addition, there is cross-play available in all versions of the game.

Diablo Immortal was created in collaboration with the Chinese internet company NetEase and aims to bring the well-known Diablo gameplay with new storylines and characters to phones and tablets. Players can play with or without a group and experience dynamic events. There are six different classes to choose from.

News | Fortnite removed from Apple Store and Google Play Store

Apple and Google have removed the popular battle royale game Fortnite from the App Store and Google Play Store. Epic Games has since sued Apple and Google.

Fortnite received an update on iOS and Android yesterday that allows players to bypass the regular way of making in-app purchases. By using ‘Epic Direct Payment’ all earnings go directly to Epic, and no amount is donated to Apple and Google. People who choose Epic Direct Payment therefore receive a twenty percent discount on their V-Bucks.

Yesterday, Apple and later Google decided to remove Fortnite from their digital stores. After all, it is mandatory for companies to transfer thirty percent of their sales to them when they offer their game through the App Store or Google Play Store, and Epic did not do this with this new payment method.

Epic has since sued Apple for “unfair and anti-competitive actions that allow Apple to maintain its monopoly in two billion-dollar industries,” namely, “the App Store and the iOS In-App Payment Processing Market.” Epic states that it is not suing Apple to make money, but to help thousands of other publishers and developers and to break the grip that Apple has on the mobile market. In the meantime, the company would also have sued Google.

News | Call of Duty: Mobile now available

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for download on iOS and Android.

Call of Duty: Mobile was announced in March and can now be downloaded.
The game is free and there will be free content updates in the coming months.
There are different modes that the user can choose from, such as the blackout mode.

Well-known maps from previous games also come back in the mobile version; think of Nuketown and Crash. The user can obtain various characters, weapons, outfits and other content by playing the game.
To play the game, a number of requirements must be met; system requirements for Android phones are that the phone has at least 2 GB of RAM and Android 5.1. On iOS, an iPhone must be on iOS 9 or a later version to play the game.

News | Minecraft Earth will be rolled out starting October

The early access version of the mobile game Minecraft Earth will be rolled out worldwide from October.

The intention is that the iOS and Android game will be available in various countries during the coming month. Exactly when the game will become playable in the Netherlands is not yet known, but the game must be globally playable before the end of this year. People can sign up for updates on the official website.

Minecraft Earth is similar to Pokémon Go, but lets players build things in an augmented reality world. The game also contains different monsters that players can collect for their structures and you can tap blocks and crates to collect resources. Players can also do various activities with others, such as building on a smaller scale before building works are shared with the outside world. There are also so-called ‘mini-adventures’ that players can go and do together.

Minecraft Earth is released free-to-play for iOS and Android.

Review | Mario Kart Tour a greedy kart game on the go

The news that Mario Kart Tour broke all download records during the first few days after release are not surprising to anyone who has ever played a Mario Kart game. The racing franchise with Nintendo’s mascot behind the wheel has a kind of universal appeal that most mobile games can only dream of.

Mario Kart Tour is not just another mobile game. It is a free version of one of Nintendo’s most popular series ever. The game also makes a good first impression after a little awkward tampering with the touch controls. It all looks neatly finished and doesn’t just consist of recycled racers and tracks. Diddy Kong, who strangely lacked in Mario Kart 8, and newcomer Pauline are participating this time. There are also quite a few new parts that get inspiration from, among other things, Super Mario Odyssey. In addition, there is a huge selection of vehicles and parts that provide the necessary variation.

Although it seems like there are many options, thats a bit disappointing while racing. Obviously it’s all made a lot simpler.
Falling off the track is not possible and the races themselves are nowhere as chaotic and unpredictable as you might be used to from other Mario Kart games.
The driving itself feels somewhat unnatural in the beginning, because it has to be steared against the right direction. You’ll eventualy get used to that, but it never gets as good as drifting with a controller. Mario Kart Tour therefore comes across as a less tight-playing collection of what the last few Mario Karts managed to make so much fun for everyone.

Mario Kart Tour really shows its true face after the first four races. Quite typical of this type of free mobile games there are several types of currencies that each provide access to specific parts of the game. With the few coins on the track during the races, new characters, karts and kites can be purchased. They are a bit on the expensive side, so you cannot rob the whole store after having driven one whole cup and finishing in first place.

That is because gems are involved, providing access to a special race in which the entire track is covered with coins. However, the same gems can also be used for the loot boxes, or rather, loot tubes that contain unique and exclusive content. The chance that you actually unlock your favorite character in this way is very small. If you want to race Mario yourself, you really have to be patient, because the first few cups will be loaded with the characters below the rankings. To race quickly with the best characters, money must be spend or a considerable amount of time needs to be invested in the game.

Mario Kart Tour does not seem bother with it. The menus of the game are full of reminders to quickly buy extra gems  and a special monthly subscription is even recommended. For the meager price of 5.49 euros per month you get all kinds of bonuses with the Gold Pass, such as the 200cc mode. That offer feels extra stingy because of the slightly earlier launched Apple Arcade. For a few euro cents less you have quality games that do not constantly ask for money.

In addition, the fact that Mario Kart Tour does not always communicate clearly about the situation. The illusion is created that you are racing against other players, but in reality it are bots with the usernames of other drivers. It is nevertheless necessary to have an online connection, otherwise the race cannot be started at all. Real online races against other players are added later.

Because of this setup it is not surprising if you long for the simpler times of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This is therefore not a substitute for what from now on should be called the real Mario Kart. Tour especially cleverly anticipates your collection. The prospect of unlocking every part and every racer depends entirely on draining your wallet, but there’s a good chance that I will keep returning with millions of others. The attraction of Mario Kart is even in its diluted form too large to resist.

Mario Kart Tour is now available for iOS and Android.



– A bit on the simple side
– Feels extremely greedy

+ Exclusive new trail
+ Looks great

Column | Apple Arcade is one of the biggest shifts in gaming industry since ages

Although I don't pay much attention to smartphone games here at GamersInfuzed, this is still a very interesting side of the game industry. The new Apple Arcade is potentially one of the biggest shifts in this industry for a long time.

Apple Arcade is Apple’s new subscription service. Soon you will have separate subscriptions for television series, news and now also games.

You pay five euros per month for a collection of games that can be played exclusively via Apple Arcade on smartphones. In addition, they are also playable on macOS and Apple TV with savegames in the cloud without additional costs. The games were selected by Apple, with seventy titles at the launch. This collection will be further expanded over time.

Well-known studios have been approached to post their new titles on Apple Arcade. The quality is therefore remarkably high. Not every game is equally good or appeals to everyone, but after trying several I’m absolutely impressed. From the crazy graphics in Oceanhorn 2 with a Zelda feel or the hilarity of What the Golf?.

A game subscription is nothing new, but with Apple Arcade, Apple is making some major changes to the way smartphone games usually work.

Gamedevelopers have different ways to make money from their games on iOS and Android. The game can of course cost some money, but the most important source of income is in-app purchases. Many smartphone games therefore work with an energy system. Then you can wait to continue playing, or fill the energy meter for a few euros and get back to work immediately. Ads are also used to earn free games.

What is special is that no game within Apple Arcade contains in-app purchases or advertisements. You never have to worry anymore that you cannot continue due to hidden costs, or that third-party trackers keep an eye on your behavior. It is finally purely about the games and that is a big relief.

Still, Apple Arcade is causing a huge shift in the gaming industry. The service will have a major impact on the games that are offered outside of the subscription service. If Apple Arcade is a success, then there is a big chance that the sales of games not selected by Apple will get a big blow.

But Apple Arcade does not only affect iOS. All games offered through the service may not appear on Android from Apple. Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones with potentially the largest group of players. That is a big difference with the Play Pass subscription service from Google, where the games and apps do not have to be exclusive.

For a company that for a long time has shown not understanding how important games are, Apple can suddenly become one of the most important players in the game industry.

News | Call of Duty: Mobile arrives on October 1

Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Mobile launches for iOS and Android on October 1.

Earlier this year was announced that the shooter for iOS and Android would come to the West, but now a release date has actually been announced.

The free-to-play game contains characters, weapons, maps and modes from various Call of Duty games, including the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series. According to Activision and developer Tencent, the launch includes modes such as Team Deathmatch, Search and Destory and Free-For-All. Maps like Nuketown and Crash are available from day one. The battle royale mode will also available on the day of launch. After the launch, Tencent continues to deliver new content for the game.

People can now register for the game via the Call of Duty website. The game has been available in beta form for some time in certain countries, but only people who are registered have a chance to win an invitation.

News | Apple Arcade now live on iOS 13 beta

Apple Arcade is now live on iOS 13 beta, this is announced through a tweet from Mark Gurman.

Apple Arcade is a subscription service to play mobile games without ads for 4.99 euros per month. More than a hundred games are available at launch. These games can be downloaded on an Apple device of your choice. An internet connection while playing is then not required, although a periodic confirmation of the subscription is probably necessary. A subscription can be shared with five others.

Among the hundred games that will be available are Sayonara Wild Hearts, ChuChu Rocket Universe, Enter the Gungeon, Pac-Man Party Royale, Rayman Mini, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Skate City and The Enchanted World.

Simogo, the developer of Sayonara Wild Hearts let Twitter know that they were not aware that the game would be part of the beta. It was clear that the game would be part of Apple Arcade, but apparently there was no clear communication about the beta.

Simogo asks if nobody wants to reveal the content for the game to others, the main reason for this is probably because the game is not only for iOS. Simogo wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy the first experience when the game is released for PlayStation 4 and Switch later this week.

You can read more about Apple Arcade here.

Apple Arcade launches on September 19 for all Apple devices.