The Steam app for smartphones has been revamped. For example, it is now possible to download games from a distance.

The Steam Mobile App came out over a decade ago and felt quite old-fashioned to many users. Valve therefore thought it was time to overhaul the app.

If you now want to log in to Steam on a PC, for example, you no longer need to send in a verification code. It is now possible to scan a QR code on the login page with mobile, so that you are automatically logged in.

Furthermore, just like on the PC version of Steam, all kinds of account details can be adjusted and you can determine what kind of notifications they get on their mobile. Multiple accounts are also supported.

The entire app has been given a new look, which makes it easier to scroll through the game collection of players, among other things. Furthermore, Steam games can be downloaded to PC from a distance – as long as the PC in question is turned on, of course.