News | Hideo Kojima and Xbox Game Studios announce horror game OD

During The Game Awards, Hideo Kojima announced the horror game OD with his studio Kojima Productions and Microsoft.

There have been rumors about the horror game for quite some time and images have even been leaked before. In addition, Kojima announced last year that he would be making a game together with Xbox Game Studios. Previously the game was known as Overdose.

There aren’t many details about the game yet, but Kojima said the following during the reveal: “I like to challenge myself with new things. This game is made using Xbox Game Studios and their cloud gaming technology. It’s a game , but at the same time a film and a new form of media.

Film director Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us, Nope) also appeared on stage to announce his collaboration on the project, calling Kojima an “icon”. “He is an inspiration to me, and the opportunity to work together is incredible.”

News | Elle Fanning has role in new Hideo Kojima game

Elle Fanning has a role in a new game from Hideo Kojima and his studio Kojima Productions.

That was revealed last night during PAX Australia 2022. During Tokyo Game Show last month, Kojima Productions showed a mysterious poster of a silhouette of a woman asking “Who am I?”. The poster was not only shown on the internet, but also in a short VR demo. Fans speculated about the identity of the actress on the poster, some suspected Margaret Qualley, others suspected Elle Fanning.

So it turns out to be that last actress. Earlier this week, Kojima hinted that the actress’s identity would soon be revealed, which has now happened. Scanning a QR code on the project’s poster at PAX Australia reveals a new illustration that makes it clear that it’s about Elle Fanning. The text on the poster also makes it clear that it is a game.

Elle Fanning is a 24-year-old actress. She is known for roles in Maleficent, Super 8, Teen Spirit and The Neon Demon. She is the sister of actress Dakota Fanning.

There are no further details about the game at this time. It is not clear whether this is the already announced game that Kojima is making using Microsoft’s cloud technology. There have also been rumors of a Margaret Qualley horror game called Overdose for some time, as well as a Death Stranding sequel.

News | Hideo Kojima's new horror game is called Overdose

Hideo Kojima en zijn studio Kojima Productions zouden aan een horrorgame genaamd Overdose werken.

This is what journalist Tom Henderson claims to have heard in an article on Try Hard Guides. There are said to be images showing actress Margaret Qualley – who had a role in the first Death Stranding – returning for this game. Qualley is also known for films such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and series such as The Leftovers.

The images that circulate would show that it is a third-person horror game. Qualley’s character would be walking around a hallway with a flashlight. Apparently, however, the game could also be played in a first-person perspective. The images would end with a scare, followed by the text ‘game over’.

For now, it has not been confirmed that Kojima Productions is working on a game called Overdose. However, there have been rumors for some time that the studio – in addition to a sequel to Death Stranding – also wants to work on a horror game.

Henderson also said that Kojima Productions has asked him to take the rumor offline. He has indicated that he will not comply. At the time of writing, the article is offline for a while to add an update, Henderson says.

The fact that Kojima Productions has asked for the article to be taken offline makes it more likely that the rumors are (partly) real. How then is it possible that the game will be unveiled soon, say on the Kick Off Live show of Summer Game Fest tomorrow night.

News | Hideo Kojima Sends Cryptic Tweet After Death Stranding 2 Leak

After Norman Reedus says Death Stranding 2 is in the works, director Hideo Kojima sends out a tweet referring to Reedus

Actor Norman Reedus, who plays Death Stranding lead character Sam Porter Bridges, reported that production on Death Stranding 2 has “just begun.” There is no confirmation from director Hideo Kojima, but he is not denying anything yet. In a recent tweet, he seems to be responding to Reedus’ statements.

What Kojima exactly means by the tweet below is unclear. “Go to your private room, my friend,” it reads, followed by a thumbs up and heart eyes. The tweet is accompanied by three photos. The first photo shows Kojima with the ‘Lucille’ baseball bat from The Walking Dead; in the second photo, Norman Reedus is on his knees in front of Kojima, while the Japanese game director appears to be about to lash out with the bat. The third photo shows the two as friends again.

Back in 2020, Reedus said he was teaming up with Kojima again on a new game, and in August of that year, he reported thinking Death Stranding 2 was coming. Even before Death Stranding, Reedus would work with Kojima, while still working with publisher Konami, on a new game in the Silent Hill series, directed by Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. However, that game was scrapped by Konami.

News | Kojima shares photo of work on new project

Death Stranding and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima shares a photo of work on a new project on Twitter.

The photo shows people in a studio. Fans suspect that the person in a white sweater is actor Norman Reedus. Reedus is best known for the series The Walking Dead and also starred in Kojima’s most recent game, Death Stranding. He would also star in Kojima’s canceled horror game, Silent Hills.

In the tweet, Kojima says that he is making changes to a script and is experimenting. However, there are no details about the project.

By the way, Geoff Keighley, the organizer and host of The Game Awards, responded to the tweet with the eyes emoji. While that doesn’t have to mean anything, Keighley and Kojima are known to have a good relationship. Fans therefore hope that the new Kojima project will be unveiled during The Game Awards. That show will be broadcast on the night of December 9 to 10.

Earlier this week it was announced that Kojima Productions has opened a new studio in Los Angeles. This studio focuses on making films and series.

News | Kojima Productions will share 'exciting updates' tomorrow

Developer Kojima Productions plans to share "exciting updates" with the world tomorrow.

It would be “some exciting updates you don’t want to miss”. There are no further details. Fans speculate that this is a next-gen upgrade for Death Stranding, although this is not based on specific information.

The updates will be shared with the world tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. Dutch time via the developer’s social media channels, such as Twitter.

The development studio around Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, will be five years old tomorrow. Kojima previously left publisher Konami to start his own studio. With Kojima Productions, he developed Death Stranding, which launched on PlayStation 4 last year and on PC earlier this year.

News | Hideo Kojima shows concept art of new project

Hideo Kojima shared photos of his work on a new project via social media.

“Here’s how I design my new title with Yoji,” one of the tweets reads. “First we talk about the setting for each character, their background, the world, the colors, the personalities, the roles, the images, ideas and keywords that we send back and forth via email.”

The photos clearly show how he works on concept art for a kind of spaceship. It is striking that the name ‘Bridges’ is on the ship, making fans speculate that it is a sequel to Death Stranding, or a game that takes place in the same universe as the most recent game from Kojima. It could also be an extension.

Of course it’s also possible that Kojima just put the name Bridges on the artwork, and that it is not an indication of what the next game exactly entails. No official details of Kojima’s next project have been released, yet,

News | Conan O’Brien gets a cameo in Death Stranding

Conan O’Brien has announced why he paid a visit to Kojima Productions during his trip to Japan for a program. The comedian and talk show host gets its own cameo in the highly anticipated game Death Stranding.

During his talk show, viewers get a look behind the scenes at Kojima Productions in which Hideo Kojima shows the building. Conan can also focus his eyes on Hideo’s toy collection and even tries to take some of them with him.

Hideo has also shown Conan some gameplay images, including the baby, to Conan’s big shock. After the tour was over and the talk show host was over the shock, Hideo asked if he wanted a cameo in the game.

Through the different technologies that were present in the office, recordings were made of Conan’s facial expressions and movements. Later his voice was also recorded and the character was brought to life.

News | Death Stranding cinematic trailer explains the game's plot

A new cinematic trailer for Death Stranding has appeared.

In the trailer the plot is clearly explained, finally: Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, has to explore a decaying United States to bring various secluded groups back into contact with each other.

Other actors and actresses in the game include Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Troy Baker. Death Stranding is the new game from Hideo Kojima, the developer of the Metal Gear series.

The game will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on November 8.

News | Death Stranding's BB voice will appear from controller

Hideo Kojima announces through a tweet that if you want you can hear the voice of BB through the Death Stranding BB-inspired controller.

BB is the baby that Sam carries with him while he travels. The limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro with Death Stranding theme was recently announced.
The PlayStation itself gets a black and white appearance with the familiar handprints on the top, and the game’s the name on the front.

The controller is inspired by the capsule in which Sam carries BB and so it becomes possible to hear BB’s voice through this controller, as if BB were in it.
It is unclear whether this feature is only available with this limited edition controller or whether other DualShock 4 controllers also play BB sound during the game.

Death Stranding will be released for PlayStation 4 on November 8.