Hideo Kojima en zijn studio Kojima Productions zouden aan een horrorgame genaamd Overdose werken.

This is what journalist Tom Henderson claims to have heard in an article on Try Hard Guides. There are said to be images showing actress Margaret Qualley – who had a role in the first Death Stranding – returning for this game. Qualley is also known for films such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and series such as The Leftovers.

The images that circulate would show that it is a third-person horror game. Qualley’s character would be walking around a hallway with a flashlight. Apparently, however, the game could also be played in a first-person perspective. The images would end with a scare, followed by the text ‘game over’.

For now, it has not been confirmed that Kojima Productions is working on a game called Overdose. However, there have been rumors for some time that the studio – in addition to a sequel to Death Stranding – also wants to work on a horror game.

Henderson also said that Kojima Productions has asked him to take the rumor offline. He has indicated that he will not comply. At the time of writing, the article is offline for a while to add an update, Henderson says.

The fact that Kojima Productions has asked for the article to be taken offline makes it more likely that the rumors are (partly) real. How then is it possible that the game will be unveiled soon, say on the Kick Off Live show of Summer Game Fest tomorrow night.