News | Fall Guys Gets Nier: Automata Costume

Fall Guys gets a costume from Nier Automata.

Beginning June 18, players will be able to unlock the 2B costume shown in the trailer below. 2B is an Android from the Nier universe and is characterized by her black dress and white hair.

It’s unclear if other iconic Nier Automata characters, including 9S and A2, are also coming to the game.

News | Fall Guys update adds two new maps

A mid-season update of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout introduces two new maps.

That let the developer know in a Tweet. The fourth season of the battle royale game is now officially halfway and that requires new content, according to Mediatonic.

Season 4.5 has already started and adds two new games to the battle royale game called Slimescraper and Button Bashers. The former minigame is considered a spiritual successor to Slime Clime, while Button Bashers pits two players against each other in a duel to the death.

Furthermore, a number of variations on existing levels have been added, such as low-gravity versions of Hex-a-gone and Thin Ice. In addition, custom lobbies can now be created and PC and PS4 players can search games together.

In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, players race through obstacles to get to the finish line first. The game has different variants and absurd games to win. The game is available for PC and PlayStation 4 and should be coming to Switch and Xbox One this summer.

News | Epic Games buys Fall Guys developer Mediatonic

Epic Games has acquired Mediatonic, the developer of the popular battle royale game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

That was announced yesterday. The purchase should not further affect Fall Guys. Epic wants to continue to invest in making the game “a great experience for players on a variety of systems.”

Fall Guys will therefore continue to be offered on Stream and PlayStation consoles. The game is also still coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles this summer.

Mediatonic founder Dave Bailey is also delighted: “At Tonic Games Group we often say that everyone deserves a game that appears to be made for them. At Epic Games we feel that we have found a home that is made for us. They share our mission to build and support games that have a positive impact and stand the test of time. We are very excited to partner with them. “

Although the purchase should not change Fall Guys in a negative way, according to the developer, various options that are available in Fortnite, for example, would not be out of place in the game. For example, in this FAQ, the company lists cross-play and squads versus squads modes as possible additions in the future.

News | Fall Guys may get Fortnite content

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may soon receive content based on Fortnite.

This is evident from recently added code to Fall Guys. The generally reliable FNLeaksAndInfo reports that the code mentions Fortnite, as well as Fortnite characters Peely, Cuddle Team Leaer, Llama, Ripley and Bunny Brawler.

A collaboration between Fortnite and Fall Guys has not yet been officially announced. FNLeaksAndInfo suspects that an announcement may take place around Easter, due to the report from Bunny Brawler.

Both games are among the most popular battle royale games at the moment. Both games also regularly have unlockable content based on various other franchises, so the collaboration is not inconceivable.

News | Season 3.5 of Fall Guys launches later today

The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout season 3.5 update is due to launch later today.

Developer MediaTonic announced this via social media yesterday. The company also gave the name of the seasonal update, which was chosen by the community:

“stop with the yeets
name it anything else
just don’t include the word yeet
please im begging you “

The Fall Guys season update contains a completely new level, although no details have been announced yet. Also, all kinds of new features are added to existing levels to make them feel fresh.

Furthermore, the Season Update should add new costumes and add previously available costumes that were popular to the regular Fall Guys store. In any case, it is about the Sonic, Godzilla and Goose Game costumes. There is no trailer for the update available yet, although some new screenshots can be seen in the tweet.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

News | Doom costumes are coming to Fall Guys next week

Three costumes based on the Doom franchise in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available next Tuesday.

Players can then dress up as the Doom Slayer in-game. Costumes of the Cacodemon and something resembling a cross between the Mancubus and Imp demons are also available.

A Doom Slayer costume for the game was already hinted at the end of last year, but now it has been officially revealed and the release date is known. As usual, the costumes will only be available for a limited time.

The third season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout started December 15th. It contains seven new levels and more than thirty new skins.

News | Fall Guys' third season is called Winter Knockout

Developer Mediatonic has announced the name of the third season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: 'Winter Knockout'.

The developer shared this information via a tweet on the official Fall Guys account. More details about the new season are not yet available, but an in-game counter seems to suggest that the third season will start around December 7.

In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, players race through obstacles to get to the finish line first. The game has different variants and absurd games to win. The second season, which has a Medieval theme, is currently running.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

News | Fall Guys Season 2 features nicknames, flags, and more rewards

The second season of Fall Guys is set to start soon and includes nicknames, flags and six hundred percent more crowns.

Mediatonic has announced this via the Twitter account of the popular battle royale game. In the message, the developer indicates that there is a lot more crowns to be earned in the second season than before. In the previous season, players could earn a total of three crowns without winning and there are now a total of 21.

In addition, in the second season, players can give a lot of personality to their character. Namely, nicknames and banners can be set. This way friends can easily recognize each other and there is something new to grind for.

The second season focuses on the Middle Ages, with all kinds of outfits based on it, including knights, dragons and wizards. There are also new levels in the game that are based on the time period. The second season should start in October.

Fall Guys’ second season kicks off next week, probably October 6.

News | Portal and My Friend Pedro skins may be coming to Fall Guys

Portal and My Friend Pedro skins may be available soon in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

According to Hypex, the Portal skins are based on the Chell character and will be available September 3. On September 6, skins based on the banana from the two-dimensional action game My Friend Pedro would be available.

Skins in Fall Guys rotate daily and can be exchanged for kudos, which players earn by playing or purchasing the game, or crowns, which are awarded when players win games or make progress during the season.

The channel previously leaked Team Fortress skins, which were later confirmed by developer Mediatonic.

Review | Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


A swinging bar taps the Fall Guys figure down. It flies through the level at full speed. That must almost go wrong… but no! He flies through the chaos and just lands on a floating platform a little further. The bean-shaped man climbs to his feet, runs forward and stumbles across the finish line just in time. On to the next round!

This is the chaos that characterizes the battle royale game Fall Guys. It’s a bizarre online party game in which 60 players compete against each other in a kind of game show, similar to Takeshi’s Castle of Wipeout. Each round you play a different minigame and participants drop out until you reach the final and only one brave Fall Guy is crowned the winner.

Almost every minigame ends in anarchy, but is simple enough to explain in one sentence. Think of assignments such as “run first across the finish line” or “survive as long as possible”. Immediately you understand what the intention is and you throw yourself fully into the fight. The outcome depends more on luck than on pure skill, but that’s what makes it so much fun: you never know what’s going to happen.

The obstacle courses are especially fun, where you race across colorful courses avoiding rolling balls, swinging beams and yawning chasms. Even more important is to stay out of the way of other players as they are the most unpredictable. Before you know it, you’ll be knocking off a competitor and into the abyss, or one grabbing you just before the finish line to push you into a sea of ​​purple slime. In other laps you mainly have to survive, for example on large, rolling discs full of obstacles or a circle where a few bars swing around faster and faster.

Especially the finals are incredibly exciting, because it really comes down to that. Because as with any competition, only one can be the winner. The most exciting final game is Hex-a-Gone, where everyone walks on a pile of platforms that disappear under them. Whoever is last on a platform while the rest has fallen into the abyss has won. Your sense of total control can suddenly turn to horror when you accidentally tumble down a few floors.

Another final game, where one person has a tail and the rest has to take it, is very frustrating. The hit detection is inconsistent, sometimes causing someone to snatch your tail from a great distance. It also does not matter how long you have owned that tail in total. Only the one who has it when the endless timer is up wins. It ensures that only the last seconds are really exciting.

There are more mini games where you especially sigh when they come by again. A memory game where pieces of fruit appear on platforms and you have to remember which one is where is completely useless. Usually no one is eliminated at all in this game, because even if you have a memory like a sieve, you can just stand close to the other participants and piggyback on their success.

Especially the team games, where the remaining participants suddenly have to work together, are generally of a less high level. The imprecise controls that cause delicious chaos in other games often causes frustration here. In Egg Hoarders, for example, you have to bring eggs to your own camp, but the controls to grab things are not very precise.

Moreover, the team games are often extremely unfair. These are the rounds where you have the least influence over the outcome, because you also depend on the commitment of your teammates. But beyond that, the teams are often not distributed fairly. A game of Rocket League-like football is great fun, but not if you have to compete with five people against six others. It is unimaginable that a team game will be selected when there are an odd number of participants left.

Fall Guys is a huge hit, and it shows in the buzy servers. The game regularly cannot be played because maintenance is being carried out, is of course acceptable. It is a lot more frustrating when your game is roughly interrupted while you have already survived a few rounds. This will no doubt be fixed in the future, but is a problem that players still face.

The game is at its best, like almost any online game, when you play it with a group of friends. You can form a party of four, which guarantees that you are in the same game and in team games on the same team. It is wonderful to encourage each other, laugh at each other’s blunders and shout someone for victory.

However, a number of important options are also missing. You don’t get many good tools to enjoy the game as a group. At this point, it’s not even possible to see which of your friends is still alive, so each round ends with the question, “Are you all still in it?” When you are eliminated, you have no choice but to watch your teammates continue to compete. It is of course logical that you no longer have any influence on the game, but you can also make watching more interesting. For example, by seeing all your teammates in split screen, or following their progress with statistics.

There are a lot of features missing anyway that could make the life of a Fall Guys player more enjoyable. The main menu is still quite empty. There are no stats telling you how many times you have won, or which minigame you lose most often

All that can still change and it probably will. Fall Guys has been a great success and the developer has already shown that they want to support it well. For example, a new minigame has now been added, just the kind of support that can keep this game interesting for a long time. With the current list of minigames the game can become monotonous fairly quickly, but by constantly bringing new games into circulation that feeling is greatly reduced.

There’s plenty of reason to keep playing, too, as the comical cosmetics are a real delight. With a free Battle Pass you earn a few things, but the real gems can be found in the daily changing in-game shop. Who doesn’t want a pineapple head? You can buy currency for that with real money, but the game is generous enough with rewards to unlock enough items without paying extra. Every match is therefore a colorful mess, because everyone dresses up his or her Fall Guy in a unique way.

And even without rewards, it is wonderful to see all those happy bean men fall, bounce, get up again and eventually conquer. This game may not be for everyone, especially if you think you should always win when you are the best at something. Fall Guys relies on chaos and luck as much as on sheer skills. Of course you can get good at the game, but that doesn’t mean you are immune to a ball that is suddenly shot at you from close range. If you can accept that and indulge in sheer randomness, Fall Guys is a perfect way to put a smile on your face.



+ Unique and freshapproach
+ Many cosmetic options
+ Delicious chaos
+ Permanently interesting

– Number of uninteresting mini games
– Server problems
– Missing several functional options