The second season of Fall Guys is set to start soon and includes nicknames, flags and six hundred percent more crowns.

Mediatonic has announced this via the Twitter account of the popular battle royale game. In the message, the developer indicates that there is a lot more crowns to be earned in the second season than before. In the previous season, players could earn a total of three crowns without winning and there are now a total of 21.

In addition, in the second season, players can give a lot of personality to their character. Namely, nicknames and banners can be set. This way friends can easily recognize each other and there is something new to grind for.

The second season focuses on the Middle Ages, with all kinds of outfits based on it, including knights, dragons and wizards. There are also new levels in the game that are based on the time period. The second season should start in October.

Fall Guys’ second season kicks off next week, probably October 6.