News | Free Monster Hunter Rise DLC Released To Celebrate Sunbreak Success

Free DLC has been released for Monster Hunter Rise to celebrate the success of the Sunbreak expansion.

Sunbreak, the paid expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, was released on June 30. The expansion has now been sold three million times, Capcom has announced.

To celebrate, all Monster Hunter Rise players on Switch and PC can download the Elgado Pack 3 for free from the in-game Courier add-on content menu. The package contains the following content:

  • Dust of Life x 30
  • Herbal Powder x 30
  • Demon Powder x 15
  • Hardshell Powder x 15
  • Friend Voucher x 10

Capcom previously announced that a free update for Sunbreak should be released in August. It should contain new areas and monsters.

News | New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Trailer Shown

A new trailer for the Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak was shown during the Nintendo Direct Mini.

Monster Hunter Rise appeared on Nintendo Switch last year and is also available on PC since January this year.

The paid expansion Sunbreak includes all kinds of new monsters and locations. Also, certain computer-controlled characters join players on hunts.

The expansion comes out next Thursday on Switch and PC. A demo can be downloaded for several weeks now. The extension will cost about 40 euros.

News | Dragon's Dogma 2 Officially Announced

Capcom heeft vannacht Dragon's Dogma 2 officieel aangekondigd

The announcement was made by director Hideaki Itsuno at the end of a livestream celebrating the first game’s tenth anniversary. He reported that the game is “in development”, but no further details were given.

After the announcement, however, Capcom sent out a press release with a little more detail. The game runs on the publisher’s RE Engine. Two other developers of the first part – art director Daigo Ikeno and level designer Kenichi Suzuki – are also working on the sequel. More details to be shared in the future.

Dragon’s Dogma was released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May 2012 and has achieved cult following over the years. A year later, a new version of the game came out, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, which has also been released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch over the past decade. In 2020, Netflix also released a seven-part animated series based on the game.

News | The Winters' Expansion DLC for Resident Evil Village Revealed

Capcom has unveiled The Winters' Expansion, an expansion for Resident Evil Village that will be released on October 28.

With The Winters’ Expansion it is possible to play the entire game in a third-person perspective. It also includes a new storyline called Shadows of Rose and the mode The Mercenaries: Additional Orders.

Shadows of the Rose is set sixteen years after Resident Evil Village and revolves around Rose Winters, the daughter of main character Ethan. The Mercenaries: Additional Orders features new levels and playable characters in the form of Chris Redfield, Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg.

The Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will also be released on October 28, which includes the main game, the expansion announced above, and the multiplayer game Resident Evil Re:Verse. On that day, the multiplayer experience will also be available to all Village players.

The expansion, the Gold Edition and Re:Verse is coming to Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Stadia.