News | Planet Zoo Expansion Wetlands Animal Pack Now Available

Planet Zoo Expansion Wetlands Animal Pack Now Available, the pack adds eight new animal species

The Wetlands Animal Pack adds eight new animal species to the game. These are the capybara, the platypus, the small-clawed otter, the spectacled caiman, the Nile antelope, the wild water buffalo, the Chinese crane and the Danube crested newt.

The expansion also adds a new scenario in which players travel to Pantanal in Brazil to manage an animal sanctuary in the largest wetland in the world. The expansion can be purchased for 9.99 euros.

In addition to the paid expansion, a free update for the game has also been released, bringing some new additions to the players’ zoo and an ‘Explore Cam’ that allows players to see the zoo from the eyes of the guests. The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

News | New expansion for Planet Zoo revealed

A new expansion for the Planet Zoo zoo simulator is coming out.

The Aquatic Pack will be released on December 8 and costs EUR 9.99. This adds five new water-themed animals to the game: the Diamondback Turtle, the Cuvier’s Smooth-faced Caiman (a crocodile-like), the Gray Seal, the King Penguin and the Giant Otter. The expansion also adds some 170 new items to expand the zoo, including new plants and parts.

Planet Zoo was developed by Frontier Developments, the studio behind Planet Coaster. In the game, players create and run their own zoo. Players have control over what their zoo will look like and which animals live in it. The landscape of the zoo can be adapted, as well as the different habitats of the animals.

News | Australia expansion on the way to Planet Zoo

Frontier Developments has revealed via a YouTube video that the next expansion of Planet Zoo is all about Australia.

The expansion will include new animals. Think of kangaroos, dingoes, koalas, cassowaries and blue-tongued skink. In addition to new animals, new scenarios are added to the game. Players will also be given more than 200 new construction options, toys and native plants.

Even players who do not purchase the expansion will receive a number of new possibilities after the 1.3 update. Thus, new color combinations, food labs, scenarios, and sanbox maps appear.