News | Planet Zoo will be released on consoles in March

Planet Zoo will be released on March 26 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

Developer Frontier Developments announced this through the trailer below. The console version includes all the updates and improvements that the PC version has received in recent years.

Players who pre-order the game will have access to three exclusive animals: the pygmy hippopotamus, the Komodo dragon and the Thomson gazelle.

News | Current-gen upgrade Fallout 4 postponed until next year

The promised current-gen upgrade for Fallout 4 won't be released until sometime in 2024.

Bethesda has announced this. The upgrade was initially planned for release this year. “Thank you for your patience as we work on the upgrade for Fallout 4. We know you’re looking forward to it – so are we! But we need a little more time and look forward to a return to the Commonwealth in 2024.”

The upgrade was announced last year in conjunction with the franchise’s twenty-fifth anniversary. This is a free upgrade for current owners of the game and will be available on PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

The upgrade will add performance mode options, higher frame rates and support for 4K resolution. Various bugs also need to be fixed and it contains more content for the Creation Club.

News | Console version Phasmophobia delayed after fire

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of Phasmophobia later appear after a fire broke out in developer Kinetic Games' office.

No further details about the fire were given. It is reported that there are also “unexpected development problems”. In any case, the fire has negatively affected the development and the ability to test the game.

The game should have been released on PS5 and Xbox Series this month, but should now appear “in the week of Halloween”, or the last week of that month. In this way, Kinetic Games promises to be able to test the game extensively.

Phasmophobia already appeared on PC via Early Access in September 2020 and quickly became a hit, thanks in part to play sessions from streamers. In the game, players in teams of four visit various locations in search of ghosts.

Hardware | Asus controller for Xbox and PC has built-in OLED screen

Asus has unveiled the ROG Raikiri Pro, a controller for Xbox and PC with a built-in OLED screen.

The built-in 1.3″ OLED screen is located at the top of the front of the controller. You can, for example, play animations or display the battery percentage of the battery.

It is also possible with the controller to reprogram buttons on the front and back of the controller. The triggers can also be fixed. You can switch between different profiles to quickly change the control mode, for example depending on which game is being played. Reprogramming the buttons is done through the ROG Armory Crate software.  More details can be found on the official website.

Asus has used an official Xbox license for the ROG Raikiri Pro, but the controller can also be used on PC. It is not yet known when the controller will be released exactly and how much it will cost, although it is clear that the Raikiri Pro should be available sometime this quarter.

News | Current gen update The Witcher 3 will be released on December 14

The current gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released on December 14.

This has been announced by CD Projekt Red. The company insisted that the update would appear sometime this year, and that appears to be correct. The update will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

The update, which is free to download for anyone who owns the game on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4, includes dozens of graphics and performance improvements. Think of ray tracing, faster loading times on consoles and all kinds of mods that are part of the experience. It also includes additional content inspired by The Witcher series on Netflix. This content will be revealed during a RED stream on Twitch next week.

People who have not yet bought the game at all can purchase the digital Complete Edition of the game from December 14th. In addition to the main game, it also contains the expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. A physical edition will also be released at a later date.

Finally, an update will also be released for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch versions of the game with all kinds of improvements and the new content based on the Netflix series.

News | Apple Music now available on Xbox consoles

An Apple Music app has been released on Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One.

The app can now be downloaded for free on Xbox consoles, although a subscription is required for use. The app allows you to listen to music on the streaming service in the console menu and in games.

Spotify has been available on Xbox for years. This is a similar music streaming service. Apple Music also came out on PlayStation consoles last year.

News | Xbox Game Pass Family Subscription Logo Found

A logo found in the Xbox backend indicates a family subscription to Xbox Game Pass.

The logo was found by twitterer Aggiornamenti Lumia, someone who scours the backend of Xbox consoles for useful information. The image found shows an Xbox logo that reads ‘Game Pass Friends & Family’. The text points out that a new Game Pass subscription is coming that can be shared with friends and family. Microsoft has not yet confirmed or denied that the logo is real.

Earlier this month, Microsoft began testing a subscription that can be shared with five people. It did so in Colombia and Ireland, among others. Xbox Insider members were given the option to take out a subscription that is cheaper per person. It did not matter whether the persons came from the same household. The Family version costs €21.99 per month.

The new subscription form has not yet been officially announced. Currently, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $12.99 per month. This gives players access to Game Pass on console and PC, Xbox Live Gold for online gaming and cloud streaming for playing games on mobile.

News | Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition launches today

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition should be released on PC and consoles sometime today. The game is being released by the creators of the upcoming System Shock remake.

The game should be available for around $10 on PC, Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game is developed by Nightdive Studios, the developer of the upcoming System Shock remake and several remasters such as Doom 64 and the Turok games.

The classic point-and-click adventure Blade Runner from Westwood Studios was released in 1997. This was remarkable, as the film on which the game is based was released way back in 1982. Instead of an easy copy of the film, players became a partially randomized adventure. served. Characters had a real-time schedule that they followed and there were different endings as well.

This remaster has been graphically improved. For example, the game runs on the KEX engine, the same engine used for System Shock: Enhanced Edition and the Turok games. Players can expect improved graphics, animations and cutscenes, as well as the ability to customize the controls and use controllers. The game runs at 60 fps (instead of 15 fps in the original version).

News | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Announced

Square Enix announced Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion last night for consoles and PC.

It’s a remaster of the PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. There were already rumors that the game would be announced during the Final Fantasy 7 livestream tonight, and those rumors turned out to be true.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will be released sometime this winter on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. The game will feature all-new 3D models, fully voiced voices for all characters, re-created backgrounds, an improved user interface, and other improvements.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 was released on PSP in 2007 and is a prequel to Final Fantasy 7. The game revolves around Zack Fair, a member of the Soldier organization who must search for the missing Soldier Genesis Rhapsodos. He soon uncovers a gigantic conspiracy. It is the first time since the PSP release that the game is being released.

News | Stealth Platformer Ereban: Shadow Legacy Revealed

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the stealth platformer Ereban: Shadow Legacy was unveiled.

The game seems to contain a lot of fast-paced platforming and sneaky stealth sections, where you have to survive between robot soldiers. The cel-shaded graphic style also stands out. Ereban: Shadow Legacy is published by Raw Fury and developed by independent studio Baby Robot Games.

In Ereban: Shadow Legacy, players control Ayana, the last descendant of a lost race. Players use mystical shadow powers and gadgets to survive as they search for the truth behind her past and a possible rescue from a dying universe.

The game is coming to Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Steam sometime in 2023. The game will also be released on Game Pass.