News | The Eternity's End for World of Warcraft goes live on February 22

The Eternity's End, the next content update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, goes live on February 22.

Blizzard has announced that. The company hints that players “must prepare to face Zovaal, the intangible Jailer and the head of the Maw, before he rewrites the rules of reality”.

Players will visit a strange new land called Zereth Mortis, which serves as a “workshop” for the First Ones to create the afterlife. There, players will also meet the Enlightened, who will help them defeat the Jailer.

At the end of last year, Blizzard already posted a preview of what players can expect from The Eternity’s End. It also featured the video below.

It is also known that the second Shadowlands season will end on February 21. Then the current PvP content for the game will also disappear. The third season of Shadowlands will most likely start in the first week of March.

News | Blizzard Unveils Last Major Update for World of Warcraft Shadowlands

Blizzard has announced the last major content update for World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Update 9.2 is called Eternity’s End and should be released soon, although an exact release date is not known. The update should bring the story of the WoW expansion to a conclusion.

Blizzard hints at a new zone called Zereth Mortis in the video below. This is home to the First Ones, the “mysterious architects of the Shadowlands’ afterlife”. The update also includes a new raid, called Sepulcher of the First ones. In this, players end up fighting the Jailer. The large dungeon Tazavesh is split in two. Both will be available on heroic and Mythic+.

These are turbulent times for World of Warcraft and Blizzard. The company is being sued along with Activision for toxic work behavior and several employees have resigned or been fired. This month, Jen Oneal, who had been part-head of Blizzard for just three months, left. She took over from Mike Ybarra, who previously headed the publisher. In addition, the amount of monthly players of Blizzard games continues to decrease, although no precise player numbers of World of Warcraft are known.

News | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands postponed to later this year

Blizzard has delayed World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands for sometime later this year.

The new expansion should have been released on October 27th. However, the company has announced via social media that it will take a little longer. There is not yet a precise new release date. According to Blizzard, a little more time is needed to finish the expansion.

Shadowlands includes a new area called Exile’s Reach for beginners. There are also new dungeons and a new raid to explore.

News | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released on October 27

Blizzard has unveiled the first animated short and trailer for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The expansion will be released on October 27.

Shadowlands includes a new area called Exile’s Reach for beginners. In a new trailer Blizzard shows new images of the expansion.

Afterlifes is a hand-drawn animated series featuring short stories about the afterlife in the World of Warcraft universe. The first episode is titled Bastion, Exploring Other Episodes: Malraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth leading up to World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

News | BlizzCon 2019 Highlights

Prior to Blizzcon's opening ceremony, Blizzard Entertainment returned to the Heartstone incident in which e-athlete Ng "Blitzchung" Wai Chung who was disqualified due to his statements about the situation in Hong Kong.

Blizzard had the opportunity to bring the world together in a difficult Heartstone e-sport moment a month ago, and we didn’t, ”says Brack.  “We made our decision too quickly and – to make matters worse – were too slow to talk to you about it.

“There are two things that I am most disappointed with.  The first is that we have not met the high standards that we have set ourselves, and the second is that we have failed to achieve our goal.  I apologize for that and take all the responsibility.”

According to Brack, Blizzcon is proof that video games bring the world together.  He says that the event must demonstrate how everyone can express themselves in “all ways, in all places”.

Blizzard has announced Diablo 4 during Blizzcon 2019.

The first trailer gives an extensive look at treasure hunters fighting demons in a dark dungeon.  The game takes place ‘many years’ after Diablo 3 and shows the resurrection of a ‘legendary name’.

Director Luis Barriga then told more about the themes and gameplay of Diablo 4. The game returns to the ‘dark roots’ of the franchise in both art style and story.

The game also gets a more extensive world, including a ‘gothic and medieval version of hell’.  The game also includes PvP zones where players can compete against each other.

The first three classes are also revealed in the gameplay trailer: the Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid.

During Blizzcon 2019, Blizzard unveiled the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, called Shadowlands.

The cinematic trailer for Shadowlands reveals that The Lich King, the antagonist of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, is returning.

Director Ion Hazzikostas explains that players visit the Shadowlands, the hereafter in the Warcraft lore. There are the new zones Bastion, Revendreth and Ardenwald. Well-known characters from earlier expansions also return.

In terms of gameplay features, Hazzikostas revealed that Shadowlands is again adding new raids, including the Tower of the Damned.  This weekend Blizzard will hold a ‘What’s Next panel’ in which the expansion is discussed in more detail.

During Blizzcon 2019, director Jeff Kaplan announced Overwatch 2.

The video, called Zero Hour, shows Tracer, Winston and Mei who repel a giant robot attack in Paris.  During the fight, several well-known characters join, such as Genji and Reinhardt, after which they take down a big robot together.  The meeting leads to the return of Overwatch.

Kaplan also unveiled cooperative story missions, the first of which is called Rio de Janeiro.  In this game players have to free cities from the aforementioned robots. Apart from that, there are Hero Missions: replayable co-op missions for four players, similar to Adventure Mode from Diablo.  In this mode, players can train heroes and unlock skills.

PvP is also still part of the franchise, with a new mode called Push.  This weekend, the mode is playable for visitors to Blizzcon, so it will probably become more clear about what the mode actually entails.  Blizzard also revealed that all 31 heroes will get a new look, in addition to the announcement of the new heroes Sojourn and Echo.

The multiplayer mode of Overwatch 2 is shared with the original game, with all new maps and heroes also coming to Overwatch.  Players who switch to Overwatch 2 take all their progress into the game.

Blizzcon 2019 is taking place in Anaheim, California this weekend.