Guide | This is how you use Discord on PlayStation 5

As of today, the new firmware update for PlayStation 5 has released. The update adds a lot of improvements and changes, but more important is full Discord support. This is how to start a voice chat on Discord via the PlayStation 5.

It was possible on Xbox for a while: calling via Discord on your console. There you can now join a conversation in the server of your choice without any other devices. Unfortunately, it works a little less simply on PlayStation 5. That is why we explain exactly how to start such a conversation on PlayStation 5.

Things you should know:
– Having Discord conversations is only possible on PlayStation 5 and not
PlayStation 4.

– To start Discord conversations, you’ll need a phone or PC running Discord
at hand.

People who have already linked their Discord account to display your game activity on Discord will need to link their account again. That’s because new permissions have to be given to Discord in order to make calls.

Linking your Discord and PlayStation account
Before you can start a Discord conversation, you need to link your Discord and PlayStation accounts. You do this as follows:

1. Go to settings on your PS5, then to Users and Accounts and finally click on Connected Services.

2. In the next screen you will see a QR code that you can scan with your camera or by visiting on your phone.

3. Follow the steps on the screen until your account is linked.

Start a Discord conversation on PlayStation 5
Now that you’ve linked your account, you can forward Discord conversations to your PS5. It is therefore not possible to start a conversation on your PS5 without your phone or PC. Follow the steps to start a conversation:

1. Open Discord on your phone or PC

2. Add yourself to a channel or private conversation of your choice

3. Once in a conversation, swipe up to see more options

4. Click Transfer to PlayStation

5. Click Join Call on PlayStation

6. You will receive a notification on your PS5 to join the conversation

News | Sony to integrate Discord voice chat 'in the coming months'

PlayStation consoles are reportedly getting integrated voice chat via Discord sometime in the "coming months."

Tom Henderson of Exputer reports this based on “various sources”, including a source who also correctly predicted the arrival of a ‘pro controller’ for the PlayStation 5 (the DualSense Edge).

The integration is reportedly coming with version 7.00 of the system software, while version 6.00 is expected in mid-September. Henderson says the Discord integration in PlayStations has been tested in recent months and progress is “going very well”.

Sony announced a partnership with Discord last May. As a result, Discord can be integrated into PlayStation consoles, allowing players to communicate with their friends via the consoles without having to download Discord for mobile or PC, for example. Henderson reports that the integration should take place “by the end of the year.”