News | Naughty Dog Unveils New The Last of Us 2 Content on Sunday

Naughty Dog plans to unveil new content for The Last of Us: Part 2 this Sunday.

Naughty Dog’s Joshua Bradley reports this in an article on PlayStation Blog, which also reveals new merchandise for the The Last of Us franchise.

The unveiling of new content for the acclaimed game will take place this Sunday at 6:00 PM Dutch time. It’s Sunday ‘The Last of Us Day’, which celebrates the existence of the franchise. The unveiling should in any case be seen via

The content is not yet known, but fans are finally hoping to see some of the game’s promised multiplayer, Factions. Rumor has it that this has now become a standalone multiplayer game

News | The Last of Us series starts filming now

Filming of the HBO series based on The Last of Us has started.

This is evident from a post on Instagram by actor Gabriel Luna, who plays Joel’s brother Tommy in the series. In the Instagram photo, he can be seen in the car next to Pedro Pascal, who plays the lead role of Joel. Nico Parker, who takes on the role of Joel’s daughter Sarah, can also be seen in the photo.

Though unconfirmed, the photo appears to depict the intro to the first game. In the intro to that game, the characters flee home in a car after chaos breaks out.

It is unknown when the first season of The Last of Us series, which should more or less deal with the events of the first game, will be released.