News | Sons of the Forest Trailer Shows Upcoming Official Release

Developer Endnight Games has released a new trailer  for Sons of the Forest, which will leave Early Access on February 22.

The Early Access version became available on Steam in February 2023, and at the end of last year it was announced that the 1.0 version of the game will be released on February 22.

In the survival game Sons of the Forest, players explore a creepy forest while they have to watch out for mutated creatures and cannibals. When the game launched in Early Access, it sold more than 2 million copies in 24 hours.

News | First major patch for Sons of the Forest released

The first substantial patch for the popular Sons of the Forest was released last Thursday.

Among other things, the patch adds new content, including binoculars, a hang glider and new items to build. A new boss fight has also been added to the game.

The patch also adds all kinds of improvements to the game. For example, various animations have been improved and doors can be locked. Various bugs are also fixed. A list of all patch notes can be found here.

Sons of the Forest is a sequel to The Forest. Players will once again explore an eerie forest in this survival game, while keeping an eye out for mutated creatures and cannibals.

The Early Access version of the game became available on Steam last February. Two million copies were sold in the first day.

News | Sons of the Forest postponed to October this year

Survival game Sons of the Forest has been postponed to October this year. While the game should have been released in May

Developer Endnight Games has announced this. The game was actually slated for May this year, but the developer now admits that release month was a little too ambitious. “To deliver our vision for the next step in survival games, we’ve decided to push the release to October 2022.”

Sons of the Forest was unveiled at The Game Awards 2019 and is a sequel to The Forest. The original appeared on Early Access in 2014 and is now available on PC and PlayStation 4.

It is not clear which systems Sons of the Forest will come to, although PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 appear to be possible.