Hardware | PlayStation 5 'Slim' versus PlayStation 5: the differences

As expected, Sony has unveiled a smaller variant of the PlayStation 5, popularly called the PlayStation 5 'Slim'. Here are the main differences between the Slim and the launch model, including price, size and SSD storage.

The PlayStation 5 Slim will already be on shelves in America this November. There is a good chance that other countries will have to wait a little longer for this version of the PlayStation 5, although Sony indicates that it wants to market the model alongside the current model. When stock of the current model is sold out, the Slim will be the only model available on the market.

The main difference between the current model and the new model is the detachable disk drive. If you choose to buy the digital version of the PlayStation 5 Slim, you now have the option to purchase a separately available disk drive that you can easily put on and take off yourself. By detaching one of the side panels you click it into your console. The console now has four separate panels: the two above are shiny, the bottom ones are matte white.

The PlayStation 5 Slim is available with a disk drive attached, but the latter is also available separately for 119.99 euros. You can also buy the PlayStation 5 Slim including a disc drive, then the price of the entire console is 549.99 euros, about 100 euros more expensive than the all-digital version, which costs 449.99 euros. The suggested retail prices of the console have not changed.

Finally, the disk drive eject button has been moved to the drive itself, instead of on the console.

PlayStation 5 Slim with disk drive – 549.99 euros

PlayStation 5 Slim All-Digital – 449.99 euros

The original PlayStation 5 has 825 GB of storage space. The storage of the Slim has been upgraded to 175 gigabytes, which ensures that the entire storage is 1 terabyte. In practice, due to the operating system, this will leave around 800 GB for games and other media.

Just like the current PlayStation 5, it is possible to expand the storage space with a compatible SSD.

Size and weight PlayStation 5 Slim

The name already gives it away a bit, but the PlayStation 5 Slim is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. We have listed the different versions:

PlayStation 5 (original) with disc drive: 4.5 kilograms with dimensions of 39 x 10.4 x 26 centimeters

Playstation 5 without disc drive (original): 3.9 kilograms with dimensions of 39 x 9.2 x 26 centimeters

Playstation 5 Slim with disc drive: 3.2 kilograms with dimensions of 35.8 x 9.6 x 21.6 centimeters

Playstation 5 Slim without disc drive: 2.6 kilograms with dimensions of 35.8 x 8 x 21.6 centimeters

Standard PlayStation 5 Slim

Something that is missing from the PlayStation 5 Slim is the multifunctional stand – this was included with the original PlayStation 5. The console only comes with a horizontal stand to place the console. If you want to place your PlayStation 5 Slim upright, it costs 29.99 euros.

USB connections

Another difference that may not be noticeable is that PlayStation 5 Slim now has two USB-C inputs on the front, and only one USB-A input on the back of the console. The original PlayStation 5 has one USB-C input and one USB-A input on the front, with two USB-A inputs on the back. It is still unclear what kind of charging cable comes with the console.

All PlayStation 5 Slim prices at a glance

PlayStation 5 with disk drive: 549.99 euros

PlayStation 5 without disk drive: 449.99 euros

Separate disk drive: 119.99 euros

Stand to put upright: 30 euros

In addition to these changes, the PlayStation 5 Slim remains graphically identical to its predecessor. According to Sony’s information, the CPU, GPU and RAM remain the same, although there are rumors of a Playstation 5 Pro for the fourth quarter of 2024.