News | Virtual board game Gloomhaven is coming to consoles

Gloomhaven, a game based on the board game of the same name, is also coming to consoles.

The game already appeared on Steam Early Access two years ago, the final version came out at the end of last year. Developer Flaming Fowl Studios has now announced that a console version is in the works and that Saber Interactive is helping with this console version. Both studios are part of parent company Embracer Group.

Gloomhaven is a four-player tactical turn-based dungeon crawler in which players explore a campaign spanning over a hundred hours in a fantasy world. In addition, there is a Guildmaster mode, where exactly the same experience as the board game is maintained, as well as a Campaign mode.

It is not yet known when Gloomhaven will come to consoles  although it is expected to happen sometime in 2023.

News | Dune: Spice Wars first gameplay footage shown

The first gameplay footage of the upcoming strategy game Dune: Spice Wars has been released.

A CGI trailer and some in-game screenshots had already been released earlier. The video shows the franchise’s well-known gritty world, Arrakis., units and the user interface are shown. Combat also passes quickly.

Since the game is being developed by Shiro Games, elements of its other rts , Northgard, seem to be carried over. In this way, areas on the planet are explored and taken over and the boundaries of the map are constantly expanding.

Dune: Spice Wars is set to launch on Steam Early Access sometime this spring. Publisher Funcom is also working on an open world survival game based on the Dune franchise. The Dutch studio Abstraction is collaborating on that game.