News | The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be released on March 26 for PS5

The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be available on PlayStation 5 from March 26.

The game was released last year on Xbox consoles, PC and Game Pass. This is the Definitive Edition, in which the graphics and gameplay have been improved. Players can expect new narrative content and more intelligent enemies. Xbox and PC gamers will receive a free update with the improvements on the same day.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a metroidvania set in 1925, with the titular detective searching for a missing family in Boston. He explores a country house. He can also delve into the minds of recently deceased people to relive traumas. The game is particularly striking thanks to the graphic style, which is sometimes somewhat Gothic and at times reminiscent of Tim Burton animated films.

News | PS5 system update brings better audio from DualSense controllers

Sony has released a new system update for PlayStation 5. One of the adjustments is that the audio volume of the DualSense controller and the microphone in the controller has been improved.

The bottom line is that the DualSense now has more volume and therefore sounds coming from the controller while gaming are more audible. In addition, improved noise cancellation has been added to the controller microphone. This means, among other things, that the sound of buttons being pressed should be less audible through the microphone. The update also requires PS5 owners to update the controllers.

Furthermore, the system update ensures that people who watch others game via Share Screen can now place emoji and tips on the screen. This way, viewers can interact with the person playing. This was already available last February for people who received the system update via a beta.

News | PlayStation Network now supports passkeys

It is now possible to log in to PlayStation Network with a passkey.

The option was added earlier this week. People can create a passkey in the security settings of their account on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC or smartphone. This can then be used instead of a standard password to log in.

This is not only a faster way to log in, it is also more secure, because a passkey is less vulnerable to cyber attacks. More information can be found on the official PlayStation website.

News | Planet Zoo will be released on consoles in March

Planet Zoo will be released on March 26 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

Developer Frontier Developments announced this through the trailer below. The console version includes all the updates and improvements that the PC version has received in recent years.

Players who pre-order the game will have access to three exclusive animals: the pygmy hippopotamus, the Komodo dragon and the Thomson gazelle.

News | Current-gen upgrade Fallout 4 postponed until next year

The promised current-gen upgrade for Fallout 4 won't be released until sometime in 2024.

Bethesda has announced this. The upgrade was initially planned for release this year. “Thank you for your patience as we work on the upgrade for Fallout 4. We know you’re looking forward to it – so are we! But we need a little more time and look forward to a return to the Commonwealth in 2024.”

The upgrade was announced last year in conjunction with the franchise’s twenty-fifth anniversary. This is a free upgrade for current owners of the game and will be available on PC, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

The upgrade will add performance mode options, higher frame rates and support for 4K resolution. Various bugs also need to be fixed and it contains more content for the Creation Club.

News | Ark: Survival Ascended releases tomorrow on PlayStation 5

Ark: Survival Ascended releases for PlayStation 5 tomorrow. 

Developer Studio Wildcard revealed this on social media. The PlayStation 5 version of the survival game was planned for release in December after several postponements, but will be released a little earlier. The game can be downloaded on the Sony console from tomorrow at 6:00 PM Dutch time.

The game’s online servers are not immediately available at that time. That only happens a few hours after release. According to Studio Wildcard, this is to give every player a fair chance to participate in a session. The developer does not mention an exact time.

Ark: Survival Ascended was previously released on Xbox Series X and S and PC. It is a remake of the original Ark, running on Unreal Engine 5. The new version also contains an improved user interface, new options to customize characters and split-screen multiplayer.

Hardware | PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal will be released this week. Sony's new streaming handheld makes it possible to play PlayStation games remotely over the Internet.

What are the PlayStation Portal release date and price?

The PlayStation Portal is now available for around 219.99 euros.

What is the PlayStation Portal?

In short, the PlayStation Portal is a compact screen that allows you to stream games from your PlayStation 5 via WiFi. On either side of the screen are two half DualSense controllers. So the Portal does not play local games.

The PlayStation Portal is a handheld with an 8-inch screen. The device has an LCD panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. ‘Half’ DualSense controllers are placed on both sides, as if a full controller was cut in half. This controller is identical to the regular DualSense controller in both functionality and feel, with adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and all conceivable buttons.

No other notable technologies are hidden in the housing of the PlayStation Portal. According to several hands-on previews, the Portal only has a settings menu that lets you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Although it seems like only a matter of time before the Portal is cracked, only Remote Play is available upon initial deployment.

What is possible with Remote Play?

Remote Play offers complete control over a PlayStation 5, but remotely. All the usual actions are possible, such as playing games, switching between games, adding friends, sending messages, taking screenshots, downloading games, and more. Think of Remote Play as a Chromecast from a PS5 to the Portal (or phone).

The Portal also has an aux port for connecting wired headphones. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is missing, making wireless earphones unusable. That is a significant loss for many users, especially given the large presence of wireless headsets and earphones in 2023. Sony may have omitted Bluetooth because of the delay it entails, such as on the Nintendo Switch.

What is not possible is streaming games that are not installed on the PS5. This includes the classic titles available for cloud gaming with a PlayStation Premium subscription.

Where can the Portal be used?

Remote Play works when the Portal can connect to a stable Wi-Fi signal. Sony’s only stated requirement is a “broadband WiFi connection of at least 5MB/s”. So there is no need for the same WiFi connection as that of your PS5.

The Portal’s Wi-Fi connection does not have to be the same as the one to which the PlayStation 5 is connected. As always, when streaming games: as long as the internet connection is stable. Sony indicates that an internet speed of 5 MB/s is a requirement, but 15 MB/s is recommended. Practice shows that playing at 5 MB/s can be considered ‘playable’ at best. The connection works well from 10 MB/s.

The Portal does not support 4G or 5G, but it can connect to your phone’s hotspot.

Does the PS5 need to be on to use Remote Play?

At home and in the vicinity of the PlayStation 5, it is possible to activate the console with the Portal while it is turned off. This is because the Portal works as a full-fledged PS5 controller, with the necessary wireless protocols to communicate with a powered-off PS5. That is a functionality that is missing on a phone. The Remote Play app must communicate with the PS5 via the internet to start it.

So with both the phone and the Portal (when not near the PS5), the console must be in sleep mode to turn it on remotely. Once turned on and connected, Remote Play is intelligent enough not to turn the television on automatically; it remains disabled.

But isn’t this also possible with a mobile phone?

It is often noted on the internet that most people do not understand why the Portal even exists. It is stated that a phone with an attachment controller can do the same as the PlayStation Portal. The Remote Play setup can be simulated with a cheap attachment for your phone.

However, such an attachment has some disadvantages. For example, things like phone calls, receiving important emails, or simply the need for battery life for the rest of the day can cause interruptions to the gaming session. In addition, it is better to connect the controller to the phone with a cable, as Bluetooth can cause significant input delay. In addition, if a setup controller is connected directly to a phone, the phone’s battery will drain faster. The attachment also often offers a less comfortable viewing angle than might be expected.

A next step could be to purchase a mobile controller, such as the Backbone One, which also has a PS5 version. This controller can be attached to the phone via USB-C, which minimizes input delay. In addition, this controller has a USB port to charge the phone via the controller. Mobile controllers are often a lot cheaper than the PlayStation Portal, which costs 229 euros. This achieves a better viewing angle than with the attachment, but for people with large hands this can be somewhat uncomfortable, similar to the Joy-Cons of the Nintendo Switch.

Who is the PlayStation Portal intended for?

The PlayStation Portal is far from the only option to use the PS5 without a television screen. Nevertheless, there are many who consider such an attachment too complicated, prefer not to use their phone or find a mobile controller such as the Backbone or the Razer Kishi uncomfortable. After all, the PlayStation Portal has full-fledged controllers on both sides, which improves ergonomics. The Portal’s screen also offers more space for gaming than a smaller phone screen.

If you have children who like to use the TV or play games that are not suitable for them, then a Portal is an option, for example.

To answer the above question in detail, will be working with the Portal. Expect the full review of the handheld soon.

The PlayStation Portal also works with the new PlayStation 5 Slim.

News | Sony may be bringing PlayStation trophies to PC

The PlayStation Trophies that players can unlock while playing PlayStation games may also be coming to PC.

The website TrueTrophies scans trophy lists from PlayStation Network. Recently, a trophy list was discovered mentioning the platform ‘PSPC’. The list is not linked to a specific game and therefore appears to be a test.

According to many, this could possibly be a sign of the future. Sony may be internally testing the possibilities of bringing trophies to PC. The company is bringing more and more games to PC and in this way PC players could also unlock trophies. Either way, it hasn’t been officially confirmed at the time of writing.

Hardware | PlayStation 5 'Slim' versus PlayStation 5: the differences

As expected, Sony has unveiled a smaller variant of the PlayStation 5, popularly called the PlayStation 5 'Slim'. Here are the main differences between the Slim and the launch model, including price, size and SSD storage.

The PlayStation 5 Slim will already be on shelves in America this November. There is a good chance that other countries will have to wait a little longer for this version of the PlayStation 5, although Sony indicates that it wants to market the model alongside the current model. When stock of the current model is sold out, the Slim will be the only model available on the market.

The main difference between the current model and the new model is the detachable disk drive. If you choose to buy the digital version of the PlayStation 5 Slim, you now have the option to purchase a separately available disk drive that you can easily put on and take off yourself. By detaching one of the side panels you click it into your console. The console now has four separate panels: the two above are shiny, the bottom ones are matte white.

The PlayStation 5 Slim is available with a disk drive attached, but the latter is also available separately for 119.99 euros. You can also buy the PlayStation 5 Slim including a disc drive, then the price of the entire console is 549.99 euros, about 100 euros more expensive than the all-digital version, which costs 449.99 euros. The suggested retail prices of the console have not changed.

Finally, the disk drive eject button has been moved to the drive itself, instead of on the console.

PlayStation 5 Slim with disk drive – 549.99 euros

PlayStation 5 Slim All-Digital – 449.99 euros

The original PlayStation 5 has 825 GB of storage space. The storage of the Slim has been upgraded to 175 gigabytes, which ensures that the entire storage is 1 terabyte. In practice, due to the operating system, this will leave around 800 GB for games and other media.

Just like the current PlayStation 5, it is possible to expand the storage space with a compatible SSD.

Size and weight PlayStation 5 Slim

The name already gives it away a bit, but the PlayStation 5 Slim is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. We have listed the different versions:

PlayStation 5 (original) with disc drive: 4.5 kilograms with dimensions of 39 x 10.4 x 26 centimeters

Playstation 5 without disc drive (original): 3.9 kilograms with dimensions of 39 x 9.2 x 26 centimeters

Playstation 5 Slim with disc drive: 3.2 kilograms with dimensions of 35.8 x 9.6 x 21.6 centimeters

Playstation 5 Slim without disc drive: 2.6 kilograms with dimensions of 35.8 x 8 x 21.6 centimeters

Standard PlayStation 5 Slim

Something that is missing from the PlayStation 5 Slim is the multifunctional stand – this was included with the original PlayStation 5. The console only comes with a horizontal stand to place the console. If you want to place your PlayStation 5 Slim upright, it costs 29.99 euros.

USB connections

Another difference that may not be noticeable is that PlayStation 5 Slim now has two USB-C inputs on the front, and only one USB-A input on the back of the console. The original PlayStation 5 has one USB-C input and one USB-A input on the front, with two USB-A inputs on the back. It is still unclear what kind of charging cable comes with the console.

All PlayStation 5 Slim prices at a glance

PlayStation 5 with disk drive: 549.99 euros

PlayStation 5 without disk drive: 449.99 euros

Separate disk drive: 119.99 euros

Stand to put upright: 30 euros

In addition to these changes, the PlayStation 5 Slim remains graphically identical to its predecessor. According to Sony’s information, the CPU, GPU and RAM remain the same, although there are rumors of a Playstation 5 Pro for the fourth quarter of 2024.

News | Console version Phasmophobia delayed after fire

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of Phasmophobia later appear after a fire broke out in developer Kinetic Games' office.

No further details about the fire were given. It is reported that there are also “unexpected development problems”. In any case, the fire has negatively affected the development and the ability to test the game.

The game should have been released on PS5 and Xbox Series this month, but should now appear “in the week of Halloween”, or the last week of that month. In this way, Kinetic Games promises to be able to test the game extensively.

Phasmophobia already appeared on PC via Early Access in September 2020 and quickly became a hit, thanks in part to play sessions from streamers. In the game, players in teams of four visit various locations in search of ghosts.