News | Payday 3 will have an offline mode

Starbreeze is working on an offline mode for Payday 3.

The developer announced this through ‘Operation Medic Bag’, a plan to significantly improve Payday 3 that was revealed in a blog post last week. This follows a lot of criticism the game has received since release last year due to bugs and matchmaking issues.

The blog post makes it clear that an offline mode is being worked on, although it is not known exactly when it will appear. Matchmaking is also being overhauled, and all kinds of changes to the user interface are planned.

In any case, the offline mode should be rolled out in two phases. Initially, gamers who want to play alone will be able to skip the matchmaking process, although they will still need an internet connection to make progress. But the end goal is that the game will also be playable completely offline, although “you still have to connect occasionally to upload your progress”.

There are still three paid expansions and a free heist planned for release this year. Furthermore, all employees are on the Payday 3 improvements and the plans for a switch to Unreal Engine 5 have been shelved.