News | New update No Man's Sky overhauls space stations

A new update for No Man's Sky is coming out today that addresses the space stations in the game.

This is the twenty-seventh update for the game, which is called Orbital. The biggest change is happening to space stations, which can now take on all kinds of different shapes and colors. They have also been thoroughly overhauled, redesigned and expanded on the inside, according to the patch notes from developer Hello Games.

Space station interiors are now procedurally generated, allowing each station to look completely different. The stations also look different based on the race that lives there: for example, the Korvax install many servers, while the Gek install many ergonomic chairs. The lighting and reflections in space stations have also been improved.

In addition, trading has been slightly adjusted, with players able to receive discounts from technology traders based on their relationship with the alien race. Players can also now design their own ship using parts they have looted. You can also dismantle ships that you don’t need and then use the parts in another ship.

The update appears today. Hello Games also released a trailer to highlight all the new features.