News | Rumor: Fortnite may receive Batman items

A number of dataminers have started working on the new v10.31 Fortnite update and have found information from this regarding a possible appearance of a Batman theme in Fortnite.

The dataminers have found information about an explosive Batarang, a Batman Spray, a Batman Grapnel Gun and a Gotham loading screen for Fortnite. There is also a list of different challenges with a Batman theme, by completing these assignments, the player receives the Batman Spray for example.

The Batman game has been hopping on the Epic Games Store for a while. The as yet unannounced game is free to play from September 19 to September 26 as part of their weekly offer of free games. It is not yet known which game it is. The Batman crossover for Fortnite may be dominated by the game that comes to the Epic Games Store. Recently there has also been a crossover between Fortnite and Borderlands to celebrate the launch of Borderlands 3.

If Batman comes to Fortnite, it is possible that this will be announced soon, together with the Batman game that can be played for free from the Epic Game Store from Thursday. There is a chance that more will be shared this week about a possible Batman cameo.

News | Gwent expansion Iron Judgment appears on October 2

Iron Judgment, the new addition to Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from 2 October.

The expansion adds more than eighty new cards to the digital card game. The new cards, for example, offer the possibility of setting up barricades. The story revolves around King Radovid who arrives with his army from the North to start the attack.

Last week CD Projekt Red already announced that Gwent would be coming to iOS (iPhone and iPad). The game appears in the App Store on October 29. The iOS version of Gwent uses the touchscreen and provides a simple way of playing. Moreover, progress and purchases can be transferred from PC to iOS and vice versa. In this way you can switch between the platforms quickly and easily.

Watch the announcement trailer here.

News | Apple Arcade subscription service launches with more than 100 games

Apple is launching the Apple Arcade subscription service somewhere this fall. More than a hundred games are planned for launch.

The service, which will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, will receive a curated range of games that players can download to their device via the App Store. As a result, the games can also be played offline. Games on this service have no ads or in-app purchases. A price for the service is not yet known, but it is known that up to six family members can share one subscription.

The company announced several games during the presentation earlier today, including a sequel to the sci-fi point ‘n’ click game Beneath a Steel Sky, called Beyond a Steel Sky. This game also comes to consoles and PC. Clay Entertainment’s Hot Lava, Mistwalker’s Fantasian, Giant Squid’s (Abzu) The Pathless, Lego Brawls, Sonic Racing, Simogo’s Sayonara Wild Hearts, Little Oprheus from The Chinese Room, WayForward’s Spidersaurs, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm and Finji’s Overland. Furthermore, Will Wright (The Sims) and Ustwo Games (from Monument Valley), among others, would work on exclusive games.

Apple will collaborate with various publishers and studios to bring games exclusively to Apple Arcade. With exclusive, Apple most likely means games that are not available on Android. A launch date for the service is not yet known, but Apple Arcade is due to launch in more than 150 countries sometime this fall. It is not known whether the Netherlands falls under this.

During the same presentation, Apple also announced a paid streaming service called Apple TV +, which includes exclusive programs and films from Steve Carell, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, among others. Apple TV + should also launch in a hundred countries somewhere this fall. Furthermore, Apple comes with new AirPods with a wireless box to charge them, a new iPad Air and iPad Mini and a personal credit card called the Apple Card.

Here’s Apple’s announcement trailer for Apple Arcade.