News | Horror game Iron Lung is being filmed by Markiplier

YouTuber Markiplier is making a movie based on the cult game Iron Lung.

Markiplier wrote the script himself, takes the director’s chair and will play the leading role, Deadline reports. The film is shot in Austin, Texas and the YouTuber is funding the project himself.

Developer David Szymanski released Iron Lung last year. In this short game, players find themselves in a submarine in the distant future. The universe is nearly extinct and players explore the ‘blood ocean’ of a desolate moon.

Szymanski himself is also involved in the production and is therefore very enthusiastic on social media. He says that there are plans for a cinema release. The soundtrack of the film is also made by Andrew Hulshult, the composer of Doom Eternal and Dusk. The latter game is also from Szymanski.

News | Konami Announces Multiple Silent Hill Games and New Movie

During a livestream last night, Konami announced multiple Silent Hill games, as well as a new movie based on the horror franchise.

For example, a remake of Silent Hill 2, one of the most acclaimed parts of the series, is being worked on. The game is to be released on PlayStation 5 and PC. A release date is unknown. The remake is being developed by the Polish studio Bloober Team, known for games like The Medium and Blair Witch, but Art director Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka are helping.

More details about the game will be revealed on PlayStation Blog. For example, the remake runs on Unreal Engine 5 and uses Lumen and Nanite technologies. The battle system will be overhauled and cutscenes will be recreated with new motion capture.

According to Bloober Team, the remake should contain everything that makes the original version so good, but add new elements to make the game world even more exciting.

News | First Super Mario Movie Trailer Released

Nintendo has released the first trailer of the upcoming Super Mario animated movie

The company showed the trailer during a special Direct broadcast last night. The trailer features villain Bowser, who is voiced by Jack Black. Mario’s voice can also be heard for the first time, Chris Pratt provides his voice.

Seth Rogen also voices Donkey Kong, Anna Taylor-Joy (Queen’s Gambit) to Princess Peach and Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) to Luigi. Keegan-Michael Key provides the voice of Toad, Kevin Michael Richardson the voice of Kamek, Fred Armisen the voice of Cranky Kong and Sebastian Maniscalco the voice of Spike.

The film is made by Illumination, the company behind the Minions film. The Super Mario film can be seen in American cinemas from April 7, while it will be screened in Japan from April 28. There is not yet an exact release date for the Netherlands.

News | Script of canceled Deus Ex movie posted online

Passages from the script of an unreleased Deus Ex: Human Revolution film adaptation have been posted online.

A decade ago, there were plans for a film adaptation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Director Scott Derrickson and writer C. Robert Cargill were supposed to work on the project, but they were eventually put on Doctor Strange by Marvel. Production company CBS Films then decided to cancel the film.

The script passages were published by USA Today. The film would begin with a quote from Albert Einstein, which translates something like this: “Technological progression is like an ax in the hands of a pathological criminal.”

Then lead character Adam Jensen would come into the picture. Where in the games he is forced to implement technological augmentation in his body, he would choose it in the film itself. The many sections of the script can be read here.

News | The first picture of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted movie

Actor Tom Holland has shown the first photo of himself as Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation of Uncharted.

Yesterday, two photos of the film already appeared, but Holland was not yet seen in his role. The new photo shows that Holland is wearing clothes that resemble Nathan Drake’s clothes in the games.

The Uncharted movie is set before the games and may focus on Magellan’s world tour and any treasures it found. In addition to Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg is known to play Victor Sullivan. The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer.