News | Dungeons & Dragons campaign is coming to Minecraft

Mojang and Wizards of the Coast are teaming up for an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons expansion in Minecraft.

Created in partnership with Everbloom Games, the expansion will see players visit five well-known Forgotten Realms locations, including Icewind Dale and Candlekeep.

However, the expansion not only includes well-known D&D locations in block form, but also a ten-hour narrative campaign, including voice acting. Players can fight as paladins, wizards, rogues or barbarians and their moves against various enemies from the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Players can level up their characters, but also shop in hubs before venturing into the open world and having to roll a virtual dice to determine progression. In every possible way, the DLC should radiate the atmosphere of the famous tabletop game.

The expansion should be available for the Bedrock Edition sometime this spring via the Minecraft Marketplace.

News | Minecraft Legends will be released on April 18

Minecraft Legends will be available from April 18, Microsoft revealed during Developer Direct.

Extensive gameplay of the game was shown during the live stream, where players must build their own fortress and defend against enemies. The game also features a narrative campaign and online co-op. There is also pvp gameplay where teams compete against each other to defeat the opponents’ fortress.

The game is being developed by Mojang and Blackbird Interactive. The game will be released on April 18 on Xbox consoles, PC, Game Pass, PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch. There is cross platform play.

News | Camels are coming to Minecraft in update 1.20

Mojang has revealed what is coming to Minecraft with the upcoming 1.20 update,  camels are among them.

At the recent 2022 Minecraft Live event, Mojang revealed what we can expect for Update 1.20. One of those parts was the camel. They also revealed that the update should be released in the spring of 2023. A snapshot of the update is already available before; even within a few days.

This year it was again possible for the community to vote for the next animal to be added to Minecraft during the Mobvote. The winner of this has been announced, and it’s the Sniffer. This one took on the tuff golem and the rascal. In total, more than 3.5 million votes were cast.

Mojang hasn’t come up with a name for update 1.20 yet. Normally they do, but this time they want to shape the update together with the community and eventually give it a name.

Furthermore, Mojang has revealed seven new skins that come standard in the game as base skins. They did this to give the player more options in terms of customization without having to go straight to the internet to get a skin.

News | Minecraft Earth will be rolled out starting October

The early access version of the mobile game Minecraft Earth will be rolled out worldwide from October.

The intention is that the iOS and Android game will be available in various countries during the coming month. Exactly when the game will become playable in the Netherlands is not yet known, but the game must be globally playable before the end of this year. People can sign up for updates on the official website.

Minecraft Earth is similar to Pokémon Go, but lets players build things in an augmented reality world. The game also contains different monsters that players can collect for their structures and you can tap blocks and crates to collect resources. Players can also do various activities with others, such as building on a smaller scale before building works are shared with the outside world. There are also so-called ‘mini-adventures’ that players can go and do together.

Minecraft Earth is released free-to-play for iOS and Android.