Hardware | Lian Li postpones new case due to failed mesh panel

Hardware manufacturer Lian Li has delayed the arrival of the new O11 Air Mini case for two months. On social media, the manufacturer announced that the delay was due to undersized mesh panels.

“After thorough checks on the first batch of O11 Air Minis, we discovered that the mesh panel was different from our intended design,” Lian Li said. Originally, the mesh apparently should have been twice as fine, resulting in 5 degrees Celsius lower CPU temperatures, according to Lian Li’s internal tests.

Instead of sending thecase out into the world in this way, Lian Li now deletes the entire first edition. A new release date has not yet been set, but pre-orders of the O11 Air Mini will be postponed at least two months.

The O11 Air Mini is a variation of Lian Li’s popular O11 Dynamic case. Not only has the case been made a little more compact this time, airflow should also be a priority in this model. Three of the six sides consist almost entirely of mesh panels, with enough space inside for six 140mm fans and/or several 120mm alternatives.

Lian Li announced the O11 Air Mini early this month. The case has a target price of $109, which includes two unlit 140mm and one 120mm fans. In the Benelux, the sale of the case does not seem to have officially started yet.