News | Kingdom Hearts 4 Revealed

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event concluded with the Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal trailer. The trailer already seems to have some gameplay in it.

The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event in Tokyo has ended. Attendees were shown a reveal trailer of the new Kingdom Hearts at the end, which is also on YouTube in the meantime. There is no English or Dutch trailer available at the time of writing (the above video contains English subtitles).

Striking is the new graphical style of the game, which looks more realistic than the cartoonish look of previous Kingdom Hearts games. In the trailer, Sora can be seen in what appears to be the city of Quadratum, hometown of the character Yozora.

Then Sora runs through town chasing a large Heartless that looks a lot like Darkside. Sora summons his Keyblade, after which a gameplay segment starts with a boss fight. Finally, the camera slides up, where two robed characters watch the fight.

Donald and Goofy can also be seen at the end of the trailer. Despite not being involved in the battle with the Heartless, they too seem to be back in the game. Nothing further is known about the story.

It is unknown when Kingdom Hearts 4 will be released. Square Enix has also not yet confirmed which platforms the game will be played on.

News | Kingdom Hearts Re Mind DLC revealed

The official trailer for the first Kingdom Hearts 3 expansion was shown during the State of Play presentation of PlayStation.

The expansion includes a completely new story and introduces new characters. For example, we see a number of characters from the Final Fantasy games in the trailer. Which are  Aerith, Leon and Yuffie.

The trailer was shown briefly this week on the YouTube channel of Square Enix. The video, however, was put in private quite quickly. In the meantime the information that could be taken from the trailer is correct.¬†Re Mind, The other story that unraveled during the climax of Kingdom Hearts 3. Just before the final battle, Sora leaves determinedly to save Kairi. For this he travels to The Keyblade cemetery. Without physical form he goes in search of the heart of the seven Guardians of Light. By experiencing the fighting personally, Sora discovers a truth he could never have predicted. “

The first dlc is released for PlayStation 4 on January 23, 2020.