News | iOS 16 adds support for Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers

With the upcoming iOS 16, people can connect their Joy-Cons or Switch Pro Controllers to their iOS devices.

Apple recently announced iOS 16 and made the beta of the operating system available to developers. The Verge reports that developer Riley Testut learned that the Switch Pro Controllers and Joy-Cons are now recognized by iOS and can be used on the iPhone.

Following on from this discovery, Apple engineering manager Nat Brown has confirmed that this is indeed a new feature. Joy-Cons can be used as individual controllers as well as grouped together for one controller.

iOS 16 is expected to go into public beta in July and will be fully rolled out in September this year. Several other controllers have been supported by iOS for several years, including the Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One controllers, as well as the DualShock 4 and DualSense.