News | Stealth Platformer Ereban: Shadow Legacy Revealed

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, the stealth platformer Ereban: Shadow Legacy was unveiled.

The game seems to contain a lot of fast-paced platforming and sneaky stealth sections, where you have to survive between robot soldiers. The cel-shaded graphic style also stands out. Ereban: Shadow Legacy is published by Raw Fury and developed by independent studio Baby Robot Games.

In Ereban: Shadow Legacy, players control Ayana, the last descendant of a lost race. Players use mystical shadow powers and gadgets to survive as they search for the truth behind her past and a possible rescue from a dying universe.

The game is coming to Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Steam sometime in 2023. The game will also be released on Game Pass.

News | Sea of Thieves adventure Lost Sands starts May 26

The sixth season of Sea of Thieves concludes with a new adventure called Lost Sands, which starts on May 26.

Developer Rare has revealed this in a new trailer. It is the fourth part of the Season 6 story and is unique in that it gives players the chance to choose an in-game faction with permanent consequences for the game world, and in particular the Golden Sands island that takes center stage this season .

One can choose to join the Reaper’s Bones, leaving the site in ruins. People who don’t join that are in favor of rebuilding Golden Sands. The adventure ends on June 9 – then it should become clear which faction has gained the upper hand.

News | Microsoft customized Game Pass logo

Microsoft has changed the Xbox Game Pass logo, with the name 'Xbox' being dropped.

On Twitter, the logo has been changed from ‘Xbox Game Pass’ to ‘Game Pass’. As a result, the name of the service is now the same on PC and Xbox consoles. However, the Xbox logo is visible in the Game Pass logo.

The change is in line with Microsoft’s current strategy, with a strong emphasis on Game Pass. Players are free to play Xbox games on both Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC – the platform seems to be of minor importance as long as one takes out a Game Pass subscription.

There have been rumors for a while that Xbox Live Gold will also change or possibly even expire. Whether that means that online gaming will become free on Xbox consoles, or whether it will become part of Game Pass, is not yet known.

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