News | Fractal update No Man's Sky out now, adds PS VR2 support

Hello Games has released the free Fractal update for No Man's Sky. This adds support for PlayStation VR2, among other things.

As mentioned, version 4.1 of the game makes it possible to play the game with PlayStation VR 2. According to Hello Games, this will deliver a “next-generation VR experience” with improved vistas, more vegetation and higher quality textures. 3D audio, headset vibrations and intelligent tracking are also supported, as well as the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the Sense controllers.

Various elements in the game have been adjusted for the most realistic VR experience possible, including the ability to view freely from the ship’s cockpit. You can switch between normal gameplay and VR gameplay, which means that existing saves can also be used to experience the game with PS VR2.

The update also adds new content for all platform versions of the game, including a new ship called the Utopia Speeder, which can tear at high speed just above the surface of planets. That includes a new Expedition called Utopia. By completing this mission, players will unlock a new drone and the Fearsome Visor helmet.

Finally, various improvements are made through the update. The Switch version will receive all Nexus and Quicksilver missions, as well as the Trace of Metal story. All content is outlined in the patch notes.