News | Two Fallout London developers get job offer from Bethesda

Twee van de makers van de mod Fallout London hebben een baan aangeboden gekregen bij Bethesda.

That reports the team of Fallout 4 mod Fallout London via Discord and Twitter. Ryan Johnson, lead technical advisor to the mod team, will join Bethesda as an associate level designer. The team says that, “luckily for us,” they knew well in advance of Johnson’s move to Bethesda, which will allow the mod team to continue operating without his presence.

Dean Carter works as a project lead on the mod team and was also offered a job by Bethesda. The game developer had a role in mind for him at the English studio Double11, with which Bethesda is collaborating on the development of the mmo Fallout 76. However, Carter decided to decline the offer and continue working on Fallout London until the end.

News | The Dog Who Played Dogmeat in Fallout 4 Has Died

Video game developer Joel Burgess has shared the sad news on Twitter that the dog who played Dogmeat in Fallout 4 has passed away.

In a few Tweets, former Fallout developer Joel Burgess explains how River, the dog who played Dogmeat, was chosen and how he was part of the team. For example, he indicates that she wanted Dogmeat to become more than just an extra weapon for the player, but also a real friend.

To make this a reality, River was regularly taken to the studio just to be with the staff so they would really get to know the dog. In addition, they not only used River’s appearance for the dog in Fallout 4, but also the behavior. Think of the way Dogmeat looks back when the player stays behind and then waits for you.