News | Fall Guys may get Fortnite content

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may soon receive content based on Fortnite.

This is evident from recently added code to Fall Guys. The generally reliable FNLeaksAndInfo reports that the code mentions Fortnite, as well as Fortnite characters Peely, Cuddle Team Leaer, Llama, Ripley and Bunny Brawler.

A collaboration between Fortnite and Fall Guys has not yet been officially announced. FNLeaksAndInfo suspects that an announcement may take place around Easter, due to the report from Bunny Brawler.

Both games are among the most popular battle royale games at the moment. Both games also regularly have unlockable content based on various other franchises, so the collaboration is not inconceivable.

News | Doom costumes are coming to Fall Guys next week

Three costumes based on the Doom franchise in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available next Tuesday.

Players can then dress up as the Doom Slayer in-game. Costumes of the Cacodemon and something resembling a cross between the Mancubus and Imp demons are also available.

A Doom Slayer costume for the game was already hinted at the end of last year, but now it has been officially revealed and the release date is known. As usual, the costumes will only be available for a limited time.

The third season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout started December 15th. It contains seven new levels and more than thirty new skins.

News | Fall Guys' third season is called Winter Knockout

Developer Mediatonic has announced the name of the third season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: 'Winter Knockout'.

The developer shared this information via a tweet on the official Fall Guys account. More details about the new season are not yet available, but an in-game counter seems to suggest that the third season will start around December 7.

In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, players race through obstacles to get to the finish line first. The game has different variants and absurd games to win. The second season, which has a Medieval theme, is currently running.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

News | Fall Guys Season 2 features nicknames, flags, and more rewards

The second season of Fall Guys is set to start soon and includes nicknames, flags and six hundred percent more crowns.

Mediatonic has announced this via the Twitter account of the popular battle royale game. In the message, the developer indicates that there is a lot more crowns to be earned in the second season than before. In the previous season, players could earn a total of three crowns without winning and there are now a total of 21.

In addition, in the second season, players can give a lot of personality to their character. Namely, nicknames and banners can be set. This way friends can easily recognize each other and there is something new to grind for.

The second season focuses on the Middle Ages, with all kinds of outfits based on it, including knights, dragons and wizards. There are also new levels in the game that are based on the time period. The second season should start in October.

Fall Guys’ second season kicks off next week, probably October 6.

News | Fall Guys players receive free costume and Kudos

People who have played Fall Guys before today will receive a free costume and Kudos via an update.

It’s a Legendary Prickles costume, with which players turn their Fall Guy into a walking cactus. In addition, they receive 5000 Kudos, with which new cosmetic items and emotes can be unlocked in the virtual store.

The free goodies are offered by developer Mediatonic as an apology for the overloaded servers since Fall Guys has been available. The game has gotten millions of players on PC and PlayStation 4 since release last week. Due to the high degree of popularity, players are regularly kicked off the servers during games.