News | 'New Doom Eternal expansion appears on Thursday'

The new Doom Eternal expansion is likely to be released next Thursday.

In the Microsoft Store it was briefly read this weekend that the second part of The Ancient Gods-dlc should be released next Thursday. That is striking, because id Software has not yet announced this at all. In addition to the release date, some new screenshots were also featured, which are pictured below.

In the meantime, Bethesda has already released a teaser trailer for the expansion, which can also be seen below. A full trailer should be released on March 17 – which makes the expansion even more likely to be released the day after.

The first installment of The Ancient Gods DLC for Doom Eternal came out last year and was part of the Year One Season Pass. According to id Software, more new content for the shooter should appear after the second part.

News | Doom costumes are coming to Fall Guys next week

Three costumes based on the Doom franchise in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available next Tuesday.

Players can then dress up as the Doom Slayer in-game. Costumes of the Cacodemon and something resembling a cross between the Mancubus and Imp demons are also available.

A Doom Slayer costume for the game was already hinted at the end of last year, but now it has been officially revealed and the release date is known. As usual, the costumes will only be available for a limited time.

The third season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout started December 15th. It contains seven new levels and more than thirty new skins.

News | Bethesda shows first teaser Doom Eternal expansion

Bethesda has released a teaser trailer for Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 1, the first expansion for the shooter.

“Hell is torn, heaven too, and the legend of the Slayer has grown,” creative director Hugo Martin said during a Quakecon presentation. “Your frenzy saved humanity from extinction, but it came with a price. There is an imbalance in the sky and the actual ruler of the Doom universe has to stand up to make things right. It’s all very cool, very comicbook. “

On August 27 at 8:00 PM, The Ancient Gods Part 1 will be fully revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live.